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  1. I don't have the classic maps for Black Ops, but AM interested in how the maps look having been retextured and relit under the Black Ops engine. Also, anyone want to comment on any cool dialogue from Tank, Nikolai etc now that they are in The Bunker and Asylum? Thank you. www.ariescope.com
  2. .... So where does GkNova6 fit into the picture? Treyarch said that GkNova6 was integral to the whole game. Is it in the single player campaign?
  3. You're saying that GkNova6 is either from the Tank Dempsey map or map featuring famous political figures. It isn't. Which means it is either from the single player campaign or the third zombie map. If it's the latter, then isn't it amazing that absolutely zero footage has been leaked from it?
  4. We know that there are THREE slots for zombie maps, plus Dead Ops Arcade. GkNova6 is the only officially released Zombie footage and imagery. So is GkNova6 the third zombie map? Or is it a chapter in the single player campaign? Note: Dead Ops Arcade is accessed outside of the zombie menu. Your thoughts and theories...
  5. ... From the likes of Bluray.com and occasionally the IMDB message boards. Over at bluray.com i'm one of the biggest CoD zombie fans on the forums, and generally the first to post information about new CoD zombies developments. I may not be the best player (round 30 Der Riese, Round 23 Swamp) but i am one of the most enthusiastic. Lookin' forward to talking to you all. Btw, i'm known as a 'Teflon' guy, that is that bullshit doesn't stick to me, and i won't believe anything i read unless people can back it up with citation or source. Understandable, obviously, as there are a lot of people out there who make up one hell of a lot of crap.
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