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  1. So what're y'all gonna do in the meantime?

    I'm trying to play games that have collected dust in my pile that i havn't got 100% on but i remember when i first heard of Black Ops i was abviously excited but now to think there is ONLY 14 days till i will actually have it and be playing it and to be able to PWN SUM NOOBS lol but this is just like what happens with every other CoD, Its kl to begin with but then you realise just how close you are then the next few days go reallly slowwwww.....
  2. gknova0 - Henry Langham

    I... Completly agree
  3. GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    Well the fly trap is actually a real structure in Germany somewhere and was supposedly used to power Ufo like aircraft (ALIEN Vehicle Experementation) and Die Glocke was right under neath the fly trap but was destroyed and so where the employees :(
  4. JD_2020 hints at Multiplayer Beta for Black Ops

    LISTEN DJVahn is a FAKE anyone claiming to have codes is a fake 1st of all it would be illegal because treyarch havnt announced anything so thay could sew anyone for lots of money and 2nd why the hell would they give codes out to like hardly anyone.
  5. I. Hate. QUITTERS.

    I still havn't finished the campaign on veteren i think its VERY hard. Thank you, BRA1NL3S5
  6. I. Hate. QUITTERS.

    JTG Whats up my friend and yeah "Quitters" = FAIL. Thank you, BRA1NL3S5
  7. the question marks on the map

    Itz the teddiez
  8. the question marks on the map

    ITZ THE TEDDIES If u think about it if you activate the fly trap and look for the teddies there is one at the top of the building (far right question mark) then there is one holding an upgraded m9 or colt with jugger nog in the animal cages at the question mark at the middle then there is a monkey at the furness (far left question mark) when u really think about it this does actually make sence
  9. Request userbars for your signatures

    I know he is gone its just so he can see it and where has he gone?
  10. Request userbars for your signatures

    WOW take back my 1st post on this topic I would like a pic of like a cartoon brain with a no sign lkke the no smoking red banner in the background and my name on the right that would look sick man
  11. Request userbars for your signatures

    Damn just as I posted aswell.
  12. We need your ideas for zombie shirts!

    how about the plane graveyard from the Nazi zombies opening scene on Nacht der untoten and LOADS of zombies just at the tip of the hill in the mist and the four characters back to back shooting them
  13. Request userbars for your signatures

    could i get gknova6 one and a treyarch fanboy one plz thnks carbon