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    New Black Ops Documents Released !!! (NEW)

    I think the punch card marker lines are a Decoder-Key - showing a number sequence. They are not really showing a computer program. They have that Chemical Company symbol which is interesting.
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    I know this topic may been be beaten to death already but I found something interesting. I was doing some research about the Hands in the GKNOVA6.com site and stumbled on this... The image below is an extract from the STATION.SWF flash app that GKNOVA6 runs - not doctored in anyway except for the ZOOMed image. Because the hands are clearly VECTOR graphics - not RASTER graphics like the background machines (Number Station Equipment) I thought Treyarch might have simply cut paste a hand from a NZ map. The power switch hand is much nastier than the hands in GKNOVA6.com so that theory is out *But* it does look like the RIGHT HAND is hacked off a body. Check out the image below. Right Hand Image - Hacked Off? NZ Der Reise Power Switch Hand - Nasty!

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