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  1. Psych0kill3r

    Do You Want To Run CoDz?

    Man, if I had the money heh. That'd be amazing. I checked off pretty much everything on there, just y'know NO MONEY T__T ....Well, y'know I think I know of a way to make the money though......You could advertise on here, I'm sure that people will understand as to why there's an advertisement on here every once in awhile, if you think its a feasible idea, and I'd implement it if I became the head admin. But, even with advertisements, I'm not sure if it would fully pay for the website. :/
  2. Psych0kill3r

    The Official Rap Battle Thread

    OH SHIT, This thread is back! But the last couple rhymes have been beyond whack, So let me show you how its done son, sit back. I'm bringing you the best Common this ain't a test At who's skill is deserving of the mother f**king crest. I've came and gone And after long I came back to see you all distressed over who the best rapper could be, But guys, I think you forgot about me. I Annihilated you all before, remember? Back before there was a page 4. I used to spit lyrics left and right But I got kinda bored and looked in hind sight That no matter how much I rap in this thread No body could get close to the tread Of the tire tracks Left behind by me At the start of this thread.
  3. Psych0kill3r

    Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies for iPhone, iPad and iPod

    Can't tell if Treyarch is serious. No WunderWeapons? Thats literally the staple of the game, its what makes zombies so much more enjoyable, when you're standing there staring at the glow of the box, beads of sweat pouring down your face as you open it, your heart rate accellerates as you see the weapons going up, changing, and you see them. The WunderWeapons, the only thing that can bring your salvation. You pick it up, and have ONE HELL OF A PARTY. But Treyarch (or whoever made the "port") said "NO. FUCK YOU, WERE GOING TO MAKE IT LIKE EVERY OTHER GENERIC 'HORDE' MODE TYPE GAMETYPE JUST TO PISS YOU OFF" I mad bro.
  4. Psych0kill3r

    The Official Rap Battle Thread

    Pfft aint no crossing the line here, just put some censors XD
  5. Psych0kill3r

    The Official Rap Battle Thread

    Nope only a large percentage are And i knew you wouldn't get far I see all the rhymes you make Before you even take The time to make them your own Now i see You mostly make fun of M.L.P. And what the F**K is glee? LETS KICK IT UP A KNOTCH I cant see why you'd wanna F**k me My rhymes are so vicious they can f**k a tree That's right a tree, they'd f**k it They hump the ground like Jimmy Buffett -I'm sick of this shit man....... Now we should come to a compromise Maybe we should team up it'll be a real surprise When we get viewed by all the guys And we be rockin' magic ass raps with the twilight eyes. Our raps will be like constant f**kin' Even Based God askin' wonderin' Whose those guys that swag is somethin' (Couldn't resist but i hate that word chill) Who said i can't end it without a rhyme? NOPE CHUCK TESTA Cant wait for your next Lyric Caman bro you better make it quick I cant stand waiting to see What you're going to throw next at me People say its better to wait Well i say unto them "F**K it, I'ma go masturbate."
  6. Psych0kill3r

    The Official Rap Battle Thread

    Hey man, I object your rap Even Pheonix Wright wouldn't put up with this crap I know you don't like ponies thats obvious to see But if you wanna mess with anyone you better not mess with me I'm a lyrical god put on desplay As you little kiddies go about your lameass day Lets slow this rap down a little So you can continue to understand the lyrical predicament thats going around your head Last time i checked the WWK weren't dead so, whys it that everytime i look at your head post, I cry? Lets speed this shit up So you better f**kin listen yup! You try to rap off my friend pancake But sit down bro, we all know you're a fruitcake Disliking bronies i guess thats okay But everyone in the worlds a brony, yes even Michael Bay Now sit down son, before you get hurt I'ma end this battle now, before you end up like Kurt. (yes i just made a kurt cobain reference) (THIS IS ALL IN GOOD FUN MAN, Seriously not meant to be taken seriously, still love you
  7. Psych0kill3r

    You're Banned!

    You're all banned because penis.
  8. Psych0kill3r

    What are you listening right now?

    OMG IMA SHOW EVERYPONY SOME DJ ALEX S! You beat me to it....... I got ninja'd......thats alright though, there's nothing wrong......I'm totally fine Wait, i got ninja'd by a month......THAT MEANS IM TARDY. VERY, VERY TARDY. No you're not, you just got ninja'd REALLY badly. NO. IM TARDY. CANT YOU SEE!? *looks back at thread* HI GUYS, LOOKS LIKE YOU GUYS DONT NEED THE HELP OF A GOOD FRIEND TO SEARCH FOR SONGS HUH? Heh. HEH. HEHEHEH. Looks like im just going to have to share a song i held dear to me when i was little, gH2efAcmBQM ............Twitchy twitchy twitch. Ninja'd again? ..........Anyone wanna help me make some cupcakes?
  9. Psych0kill3r

    The Official Mule Kick Jingle

    Is......Is it wrong i had a boner the ENTIRE time?
  10. Psych0kill3r

    CoDz - PTG - Twodown ***My Thoughts***

    Yeah during the days of everyone hating each other i tried to keep my head low on both ends XD
  11. Psych0kill3r


    Space space i like space. Dad im in space :3
  12. Psych0kill3r

    CoDz - PTG - Twodown ***My Thoughts***

    Finally we can put this behind us, in the last 6 months i've became really close to PTG and Ben, infact im a director on their youtube account......and i still really love this site to, and am almost constantly on it, and sometimes it gets kinda awkward when everyone's hating something you're appart of and someone you're close to :S
  13. Psych0kill3r

    Bad choice, Treyarch.

    Dude, you get all the DLC (in rezerection) for free if you bought the Prestige/Hardened.........even Moon, so i dont really see as to why you would be complaining when its free stuff ._.
  14. Psych0kill3r

    WAW maps on Black Ops

    Does that mean treyarch suckzors? D:
  15. Psych0kill3r

    really need help with the easter egg!!!!!

    there are many videos on how to do it, but here's how you do it: Shoot at the DEVICE, not the black whole. Oh and you dont need the crossbow.

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