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    Received Black Ops just now: Legit

    Connection does seem a bit dodgy but I wonder if the full host set up is enabled yet as Treyarch probs host with some service provider that will provide 99.999 availability..... but only from the official launch date of the 9th. There are also a few little code stutters in BO zombies that mean the game freezes for a second or 2 ( luckily the Zombies seem to freeze as well...) but again this could be down to the hosting provider not switching on 100% yet. Otherwise; it's a big improvement and (without spoling anything) this particular map would be impossible without pack-a-punched WW2 guns....
  2. Joolz1

    Received Black Ops just now: Legit

    nah.... sometimes game send early in the UK due to sheer volume .its a bit of a gamble but it's 6 degrees c where I am so glad I'm not having to queue..there is already some weird in Tesco with a sleeping bag Just got to round 11 with 3 randoms and I think it's worth a deffinite OMG........think of the scene in Aliens where they make the last stand after welding the door shut...just fucking zombies everywhere..no more lining up head shot after head shot....if you stand still you;re toast!!!
  3. Joolz1

    Received Black Ops just now: Legit

    Specific Spoiler Free Zone: bah... couple of connection errors on zombies means I still havent been past round 6 Really hectic, overwhelming feeling of Zombies that hasnt been captured since Veruckt IMO ( remember the **** please report this topic, post **** when they corner you ..) I love Der Riese but any nooby player can easily get to round 10 with little or no tactics but this is different. Needs tactics and co-op to progress as the map/s are so big it;s very easy to get separated and cornered..loving it
  4. Joolz1

    Received Black Ops just now: Legit

    Will try not to post any spoilers but if people have specific q's about none leaked info I'll do my best to answer. So far played first 2 missions on campaign and its got me wanting more...I must admit I thought MW2 campaign would take some beating but so far this is delivering without as many "gimmicks". Going on Zombies now so this is what the wait has been all about for me Update: Hoora....its showing on my gamercard now LOL : Lasted 5 rounds on first attempt at Zombies with some nooby players.....good news is Zombies is back and big, badder and better than before. Forget the first 5 rounds being boring....the gameplay has been tweaked so that the early rounds are now alot more involved ( zombies stack up at windows quicker. Relatively spoiler free and I'm glad to say that as a true Zombies fan I believe it will fully meet/exceed everyones expectations
  5. Yes...just received my copy one day early from a game.co.uk pre-order. Ill be back on here in 2 hours to answer any q's: My gamercard below if peeps dont believe http://www.glop.org/gamercard/card/ii+joolz+ii.png edit; doesnt seem to be showing up on my gamercard....http://card.mygamercard.net/II+JOOLZ+II.png is good game tho
  6. Joolz1


    Haven't been to Purple Hell for a while...I haven't got time but I'd try a 9/3/5 Caesar/Baconian shift on something.
  7. Joolz1

    GKNova6 Zombies / Single Player Connection

    Would agree with the environment link and think Black Ops Tiger's summary is fairly accurate in terms of link but no actual crossover. Early WAW Zombies took the environments and timescales of WAW to create the play environments so BO Zombies will probably do the same. The research facility you see in SP BO is probably the GKNOVA6 facility and source of the Zombies in BO Zombies. This means SP BO can stay historically accurate by mentioning "shadowy organisations adopting Nazi Technology" in reference to GKNOVA6 ( Real World Operation Paperclip etc) but Treyarch dont have to compromise on believe-ability for none Zombies fans as they wont have to play Zombies if they dont want to= Win/Win. Well impressed with Treyarch and if the thought behind GKN6 goes into the "fortress defence" element of BO Zombies; I'm sure we're all in for a treat.
  8. Joolz1


    That clearly looks like a military testing facility to me and its likely ( based on everything we've seen) that its the GK facility IMO. I imagine we'll start the game picking up at the GK group facility about 30 years after Der Riese where they are continuing the research done by 935 in WAW Zombies. Someone presses the wrong button on a teleporter and suddenly a doorway is opened to Der Riese and the Nazi Zombies come storming through. When WAW Zombies was first created Treyarch intended the victims of the zombies (as in the MP gamers) to become Zombies when bitten so here we have a potential variation in game play (to keep things interesting) and/or a mechanism for the Zombiefication to spread into the COD BO Universe (hence the none-nazi Zombies) Given that the teleporters (based on the fact we see Nazi Zombies in the video) seem capable of time as well as location transport I think this also give us an insight into the possibilities..... Time Travel, possible link up with/play as the previous characters/further explanation of back story....could be truly epic.
  9. Joolz1


    BINGO!!! Big relief and it looks like BO Zombies will be everything we hoped for and more.... GKNOVA6 always had the potential to be just an interesting ARG aside to a COD BO cold war storyline but these developments have restored my faith in Treyarch's ability to see a winner. If we make the assumption that all confirmed GKNOVA6 info (broadcasts, communiques and drops) were to provide back story material for BO Zombies then the possibilities are limitless.....( the Black Sun logo in GKNOVA was the pointer..) Given that DLC is a great money spinner for Treyarch I fully now expect to see the DLC potential of Zombies achieved as it's own ongoing series. Speculation at this point is worthless as Zombies has always been about assumed truths and alleged consipracy so I'm just going to sit back and wait for release....Happy Days!!!!
  10. Joolz1

    Henry is a hoax

    Being British has everything to do with it for the reasons stated. Also...if Treyarch wanted a decent sounding British voice actor; there are 1000's of out of work middle aged actors in Britain who would put in a more convincing performances. Henry sounds like a 20 year old to me..up until this point Treyarch have excelled with their voice talent and this if just too far away from that to be believable IMO.
  11. Joolz1

    Henry is a hoax

    The actual source files are available here: http://www.computerarts.co.uk/tutorials ... the_month5 2.5 hours for the book, a couple of hours for the content and and hour for the soundtrack equals a day of work so could well be within the realms of a bored, semi skilled 3d artist who's maybe finished Uni/college for the summer and has followed GKNova.
  12. Joolz1

    Henry is a hoax

    I must admit I thought this was dead after the live drop... The youtube vid. with the book sparked my interest again as it seemed fairly authentic due to the considerable amount of time and effort that had been put into generating it.... I did some digging and it appears that there was an animated book with very similar attributes given away with the UK based Computerarts magazine a few years ago for users of Autodesk Maya. http://www.computerarts.co.uk/__data/as ... a_lead.pdf Maya IS used widely by the gaming industry (Treyarch included) but I wonder if it's just a co-incidence that an English magazine gave away the disk, the youtube book shares numerous similarities and Henry Langham sounds like a 25 year old English person disguising their voice ( and it's littered with spelling issues which seems very un-Treyarch like)
  13. Joolz1

    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    Think I already mentioned but "Ace" as he has been called is just an anagram of "square and compass". Square and compass is another Masonic link so I wonder if the other characters have plot /clue relavent anagrams
  14. Joolz1


    LOLOLOL... My troll
  15. Joolz1


    These bottom right (From Azure @Unfiction): I doubt this is a "solveable" clue and the only Oriental link I can think of is Sh No Numa but cant see how it would fit in ....

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