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  1. Defs not a noob tube, first thing that popped into my mind when i first saw it was a solid rocket booster. perharps SRB's on a stage 3 ballistic missle?
  2. Bare with me here for a second. The timer in the bottom left corner stops at 4:13. The number 4 in many East Asian countries is considered unlucky because it sounds very similar to their word for "death". The number 13 has a smiler meaning here in America, as many people consider it unlucky as well. And according to Chinese numerology the number 413 means "death throughout lifetime." Just something I thought was interesting. Thats is very interesting i think that it can mean 2 things. 1. a reference to zombies as the are all dead that rose. 2. a sign that the campaign happens in asia and war obviously means death as well It describes sleeper agents the best. Mason was a sleeper agent in BO1 maybe Russia made a lot of sleeper agents and are planning to attack the states in the US? Your mother, neighbor, teacher could be a russian sleeper agent and they could get triggered at any time, it makes 100% sense.
  3. Definitely not. Zombies came last with BO i expect them (if they return) to come last again. Dont expect any zombie news till August-September at least.
  4. Its the LA convention center, it just means that treyarch is gunna be there and play through a mission, just like what every CoD has done since CoD4. Nothing is there its that simple. A lot of you guys are over thinking way to hard lol E3 takes place at the LA Convention center in case you didnt know that
  5. punching in the exact coordinates to google maps (34.040063 - 118.266846231) from the CoD img leads to Los Angeles, CA, more percisly at the exact coordinates is where the Staples Center and the Los Angeles convention center is. Sounds E3 related, disregard my last post.
  6. Guys if you google search the first half of the coordinates (34.040063) and google it you get the coordinates for "Le Beach Club Tanning Resorts, Los Angeles". whats more interesting is that the 2nd half of the coordinates start with 118, just like the CoD website. edit: after further investigation around the 118 coordinates, Treyarchs studio might fall into category. Pretty much the flashing code is just coordinates for Treyarchs studio? (34.040063, 118.... is Santa Monica)
  7. i think your over thinking just a tad bit :/. most of the clues from gknova6 were literally right in front of us just everyone over thought about certain things. If something has you digging across the web its probably not correct. treyarch wants you to speculate, think, more than search.
  8. the flashing code is a key to unlock the picture. The spining circles in a picture represents a futuristic lock. Just like how every lock in ME3 looks exactly like the GIF. When they fit together the picture unlocks, but every lock needs a key and the code is a key.
  9. Spitfire


    alot of cancer in this thread all of a sudden
  10. Spitfire


    i highley think treyarch will get as much campaign info revealed as they can before revealing zombies. it just seems logical.
  11. Spitfire


    the containers contain sarin, the new agent used in brainwashing. the density of sarin is 1.0887 g/cm³ at 25 °C Black Ops = The story behind Psychological Warfare.
  12. Spitfire


    this video: AKdKk-M01ug is relevant.
  13. Spitfire


    Maybe that symbol represents "X marks the spot?" ?
  14. Spitfire

    Transmission 3 on GKNOVA6 is up!

    another transmission will most likley be up on Friday at Midnoon hence the new CoD is being revealed.
  15. Spitfire

    Transmission 3 on GKNOVA6 is up!

    maybe this has relation somehow http://milvideos.magnify.net/video/500-tons-of-dynamite-simulate

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