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    Hey friendos! It's been a damn good while since I've...well, really been active here in the past few months. As a member of the community and especially Administrator, this is totally unacceptable. So let me start off by apologizing for my inactivity. Lots of things have happened, both good and bad, and it severely limited my appearance and ability to run things smoothly like I vowed to you all some years ago when I was brought on to the admin team. Where did I go? Most of you know that I've aligned myself with the guys over at Zombies World Championship last year. For those that don't know who they are, they're the first ever Zombies championship to be not only officially recognized by Activision and the developers (Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer), but to be actually executed as a major physical tournament right in Los Angeles, CA (where I live). I became great friends with co-creators Mcsportzhawk (Matt) and Jose and offerred my assistance by using CODZ as a platform via Twitter, the site, our presence on Reddit, etc. What was simple boosting on social media turned to us forming an awesome relationship and soon turned into me going full-time with them for marketing while using CODZ as one of many plugs. It's been awesome yet stressful at the same time. But it did come at a price. I've been so in love with ZWC that I preemptively neglected this home right here. It wasn't that I didn't care for it - I simply had difficult balancing the two. I figured with such a glowing community and supportive staff, I'd be able to quietly slip in and out and things would just automate themselves here. The result was a broken forum software that wasn't properly being upgraded, funding was slipping through the cracks to keep CODZ online, and activity drastically dropped because I couldn't keep up with optimizing the site to feel more at home for the members. After ZWC 2017 ended, I was able to come back and work a bit more but I realized how gone I was. Seeing that now makes me disappointed in myself as a leader and friend to you all. It also didn't help that I was failing college as a 5th year engineering student, so close to graduating but kept stumbling. It put me in my current position, where I was almost completely kicked out but gracefully was given a second chance to show I could do better academically. I dealt with a move and changed several close relationships I had with people to re-find myself, as I was probably the most unorganized POS you'd ever know, haha. For that, I'm truly sorry to have seemingly abandoned everyone here. Things will change. Given my heavier involvement with ZWC2 this year and more relationships to wonderful people and millions of fans just like us, I'm shifting a lot around to keep CODZ at the Top 3 of my priority in the online world (one is reserved for watching Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer, @Lenne it's time to bust out the popcorn). But seriously, there will be more forum upgrades, content, and support to keep this platform 24/7 at full speed. There are lot of things I need to fix up, but I'll make time for it guaranteed. And with the announcement of Black Ops 4, there is a helluva lot of content coming our way in the Zombies world. We have all the tools and assets ready to go to receiving the incoming fresh faces, and I know how awesome you all are for welcome each person into this family of ours. With that, thank you all for being the reasons why CODZ is even alive, and what really has shaped the site into what we know it - a family.
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    @The Meh So glad to have you in this close-knit family, friendo! It's been a very, very long time. Growing up on Zombies in a community that shares love for it is so strong, especially in a time where the internet is bustling more like ever and the world of close communication has seemingly died off...we still hold a torch to keep the fires warm. Cheers to more years and great fun, my good comrade!
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    And so is my reply. This is.... Honestly I don't know what I can say to this. I am not that good in discribing my feelings as you do right here. But I actually feel kinda the same about this community as you: It's just the people here... Uhm, everybody just seems to kind and open hearted and caring to each other. It's so odd to keep in mind that we all came here because we were fund on slaughtering walking corpses. And I feel that this what we have is pretty unique on the internet. Or even in real life maybe. CoDZ is a place like a pub where everyone knows each other, loves each other and where you go to to relax, forget everything else and talk and discuss with your friends. And yet do all these friends wear a mask so you can't see how they look like, but that doesn't matter because all what matters is the soul within (ouch, deep stuff). About you, Meh, you're beloved here. Four years is quite some time, and I know you even already had Zombies experience before (PTG might have helped in that). Speaking of which, I'm always curious to PTG. How was that forum? Comparable to this one, or very different? As Lenne said, you are really one of the most genuine and funny persons here. I love your character. You said CoDZ made you how you are but that's not true. Your character has laid always within you, CoDZ might merely be some kind of key to unleash it. It is you who is so fantastic, always has been. Might a zombie apocalypse ever occur, I hope we somehow meet each other and together fight the undead off :P
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