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Letters from the Field

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Letters from the Field

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January 5, 1915





Maxis – 1917









Dr. Edward Richtofen

"Our survey of the site has led us to believe that this location may hold the largest single source of 115 yet discovered." - Richtofen



September 22nd, 1917

When we began the site excavation, our group could not have predicted the dark path down which our work would lead us.

The doctor remains both adament and optomistic that the potential applications for the new found element are worth the associated risks. I concur with the sentiment, but feel increasingly anxious as to the changes I am seeing in my oldest friend...





May 13 1918

The journal of Pablo Marinus has been a most valuable source of information... We now stand at the edge of a brave new world. Our survey of the site has led us to believe that this location may hold the largest single source of 115 yet discovered. We have been authorized to begin work immediately...


Maxis has become obsessed, he neglects the true focus of our mission and instead chases legends and myths. I fear that the girl's influence may have irrevocably poisoned his mind. It is with considerable regret that I must report his current mental instability to group 935's leaders...





Takeo Masaki

"I am haunted by twisted dreams that seem to grow increasingly vivid with each passing night." – Takeo



October 6th – 1917

The emperor grows concerned that the barbarians drive for mechanization may soon yield weapons more devastating than the world has ever known.

I am honoured to act as his trusted agent and will insure that any such weapons are secured for the benefit of Japan...





March 2 - 1918

My leadership & victory at the battle of Mukden has been brought to the attention of the Emperor himself. I have been instructed to meet with him on a matter of great importance to our Nation.

Perhaps the Emperor recognizes the continued importance of the Samurai traditions, even in these times of great change...

Though I cannot explain why, every step I take towards my target brings with it a growing sense of dread.

I am haunted by twisted dreams that seem to grow increasingly vivid with each passing night. Perhaps the spirits of my ancestors seek to warn me of a dark, uncertain future...





'Tank' Dempsey

"After far too long of waiting on the sidelines, we finally got our first taste of combat." – Dempsey



November 19th, 1917

It seems beyond doubt that Fritz is up to no good. Air reconnaissance suggests prototype armored weaponry is being tested in Northern France. Scuttlebutt reads like the ramblings of a mad man, strange lights in the sky... a mysterious plague... even giant metal men.

I'll be at the site within the week to learn the truth with my own eyes...





April 14, 1918

After far too long waiting on the sidelines, we finally got our first taste of combat. Our actions at Belleau Wood seem to have brought their Spring Offensive to a grinding halt. We even heard talk that Fritz has nicknamed us the Devil Dogs', following the all round ass kicking they took... and that's fine by me.


We intercepted communications suggesting that we're not the only nation to learn of the enemy's plans. Scuttlebutt is that the Russians & Japanese are looking to grab a slice of the action. Things are going to get interesting.





Nikolai Belinski

"This war remains a threat to all our futures." – Nikolai



December 10th – 1917

It appears my current exile from the motherland may prove fortuitous. I have received orders to undertake a vital mission in Northern France.

Reports from the area suggest the Kaiser's war machine may be gearing up to unleash something unlike anything we have seen before...





February 23, 1918

Despite my abdication, my country remains gripped by civil war. Reds and whites battle for power as I am forced to watch helplessly from afar. Despite the March treaty, many among us do not expect lasting peace...

Our memories will not allow us to forget the tens of thousands of souls lost at Tannenberg...

This war remains a threat to all our futures...


The people of France share my hatred and contempt for the (?). They have been very kind to me on my journeys; offering me food, shelter and other most worldly comforts. It is a great relief that even amongst the madness of war, I may still find moments of joy in the arms of a good woman...



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