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Zombies as an ARPG mod


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would like to see a mod that where each attachment can be dropped from tier 1 (red) to tier 5(orange/gold) and each stat on the attachment is increased and a way to make the round harder... as starting a game with +1 to world growth in round 1  it would. would make it a round 2 difficulty. Also ways to make where you can have more bosses, armor zombies, dogs, mobs, money and loot drops to be increases.

+ increase zombies hp

+ increase zombies dmg

+ increase zombies element resistance

+ increase bosses spawn

+ increase bosses hp

+ increase zombies spawn

+ increase dogs spawn

+ increase loot drops

+ increase salvage drops

+ increase zombies esse

+ decrease player hp

+ decease player coold owns util, field upgrades 

+ decrease player element resistance 

+ decrease player dmg

+ increase world growth


Also have like zombies have a rarity like normale, rare, leg, and unique.. this is just a idea but the outbreak has a good start to making a good start on arpg...

Think about building your own char to the way you want with stats on attachment.

And have it where you can use the Aetherium crystals to add the mods to your game



If anyone know how to mod cold war zombies outbreak and up to giving this a try let's do it... 

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So ARPG and Zombies would be insanely addictive if done right.  A big part of ARPG games is builds, classes, and character development.  COD lacks this.  Itemization is a huge deal as well, and there isnt any of that in game at all.


I think COD needs to catch up to 10 year old indy games zombie horde games first, before it tries to break the mold and do something cool.


Simple stuff like not having a safe house goal, or a safe place to upgrade, would go a long way.  Classes having an effect on how you play would go a long way especially if done with support to others benefits, enhancing team play.


I do like the idea of random modifiers added for bonuses, perhaps a vending machine you could use in game to add effects to the mobs, increasing difficulty and reward....that isnt ARPG but would be good.

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