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  1. Theres a lot that they should do with zombies. The thing i hate most about COD zombies is that first 10 rounds where everyone ignores opening anything or getting the power pack unlocked before things get hard. I swear 90% of the games i play would be over by round 12 if i didnt open at least 75% of everything. Most zombie games dont have this strange restriction to power progression. I like the objective based stuff but dont restrict it, most of the COD Zombies community doesnt seem to understand how important getting the upgrades powered up is. Another thing
  2. So ARPG and Zombies would be insanely addictive if done right. A big part of ARPG games is builds, classes, and character development. COD lacks this. Itemization is a huge deal as well, and there isnt any of that in game at all. I think COD needs to catch up to 10 year old indy games zombie horde games first, before it tries to break the mold and do something cool. Simple stuff like not having a safe house goal, or a safe place to upgrade, would go a long way. Classes having an effect on how you play would go a long way especially if done with support to others ben
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