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Did you know, you can sign into callofdutyzombies.com by a number of different methods? Even if you have already registered? It will link the accounts if the email addresses are the same.




Logging in with Discord for example, will link your user details here with our discord channel, for example if you're a Donor here and have the donor title, it will automatically link to your profile on our channel.


Did you know, you can customise the site to a degree, to what suits you?




The above is the main user menu, the option on the right is the options to customise, which will give you the following options.




  • If you choose fluid width, this changes the size of the main site to 75% screen size, useful for larger screens.
  • Larger font size, this increases the font size, for those that may have trouble reading the text within the forum
  • Sticky author panel, makes the author panel follow the topic / post length
  • Sticky sidebar, does the same thing for the side bar




  • You can flip the sidebar, so that it is on the left.






You can add tags to posts you make




Which allows you to then search based on tags, simply by clicking on a tag you can find out topics which have similar tags (if they have been used).


  • The green icons next to a topic title, indicate that a topic has been pinned and or featured


Featured topics from across the forum, in any section show up in the site sidebar




  • You can request medals which are game specific and Site Achievements (game achievements are not affiliated with Treyarch or Activision). They are rewards from callofdutyzombies.com for specific game achievements and all we need is screenshot and you'll receive the medal.






  • You may have wondered what is the leaderboard option on the menu?



This is recognition on activity on the site, posts made, topics made, reputation received etc. Examples of posts recognition, from some of these site legends.




  • All activity, allows you to see all activity on the site, which also allows you to customise what you want to see





  • You can view all the videos from our YouTube channel right here on callofdutyzombies.com 




Our channel




  • Inserting a link or a video into a topic or post? It simple, just copy and paste the link into your post, the video will embed automatically and a url link to a topic / news article etc. will auto embed


Embedding a video from our YouTube channel or directly from CoDz (just copy n paste the url)



Posting video from YouTube,. Vimeo etc? Just paste the link



Post an article from reddit? Just copy n paste the link



Want to share a tweet? Just copy n past the direct URL from the tweet by clicking share and copy link to tweet and paste



This is just some of the things that you can do on the site, we are always looking to richen the experience for our users and if we can do anything else we will look at it, if you have any suggestions then we will consider them.


This also works with other sites but not 100$ of all other sites (you can change it from an embed to a url if you wish).



The man left a negative review of a law firm, which then took legal action over his comment.
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Did you know, you can sign into callofdutyzombies.com by a number of different methods? Even if you have already registered? It will link the accounts if the email addresses are the same.  

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