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How to build the ray rifle wonder weapon


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After turning on power you can begin the steps.

1. Go to the weapon lab where you'll find the ray rifle blueprint pinned up on the wall (it will glow gold)

2. Go to scorched defense on the left most side, you'll see a burnt corpse sitting against a burning tank, approaching it will give you a prompt that will trigger an awesome cutscene. 

3. After retrieving the eye go back to the weapons lab and interact with the computer, this will place the eye in the retinal scanned and wait for it to finish scanning (This will turn on the computer which is for a later step and open up a drawer revealing a key, take the key and proceed to the next step)

4. Go over to the two barrack building, when you enter them you will notice a bunch of gray metal lockers. Go over to each of them and interact with it to open them, eventually this will spawn a mimic which you need to kill to get the gun barrel part. 

Note: if the first mimic doesn't drop it, you'll need to keep trying until you get more mimics and one drops it

5. Go back to the weapon lab and go to the computer from before interacting with it, this will make a little dial on the screen rotate around the circle in a certain pattern. You need to note where it stops each time and what order it stopped in, it will rotate and stop three times. You can do this as many times as you need, very important to know is that this will be random every game.

6. After getting the three positions from the computer go back to the village, go over to where the wonder fizz is and you will notice a dart board. Shoot the dart board in the exact places and order the computer showed, use a single shot gun or a gun that you can shot one bullet like an assault rifle. Once you have shot all 3, shoot the middle of it and you will be awarded a part

7. For the final part you will need to wait until the mangler zombies spawn, you need to shoot off their cannon arm or just kill them in general until you get a magazine

8. Take the magazine clip to the weapon lab, you will notice a table to your right if you enter from the motor office area with a bomb on it and a corpse hunched over next to it. You will get a prompt to charge energy cell, this process will take about a round to fully charge. Once this is done you will be able to go over to where you got the blueprint and build the ray rifle.


The image attached is an overlay of the dart board numbers on the computer if you need help


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