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Wonder weapons


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I really hope they start to try out different wonder weapons after this map! I would love to see unique weapons that don’t have elemental variant or something like that it’s kinda getting oldish and I don’t want the same thing over and over again I hope we can see some new stuff like some sort of fire based wonder weapons or some sorta of sound based weapon, or anything like that what do the rest of you think because I know it can be hard for the guys who make zombies to come up with these sorta things? 

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It will be interesting to see what direction they go with the WW's.   We've seen that the maps with 4 elemental WW's do end up being extremely popular.  But I am also a sucker for old school "get the lucky box spin" wonder weapons of old.  Based on what we've seen in the trailer, my gut instinct is that Firebase Z will be similar to Die Maschine in that we'll have a base WW with some upgrades available, but that's just a hunch.  I do miss the really unique WW's of the old days like the Wave Gun and the 31-79 JGb215 and even the Sliquifier 🙂



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