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strategy for surviving/camping in Journey Into Space, Kepler, and Triton

Jacob Vickers

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(1-4)you've spawned! okay! so now, you need to buy Up & Atoms if solo, if not,  it can wait for later. you can build n31l's head, and/or see if you can find all the parts for him. as usual, buy a gun, open the J.I.S. door and from here, training is your best option. once you earn enough, buy the second door leading to the portal, and here is paradise, baby! (4-7) hey! you're here! just go turn on the power, and open the bumper car room! you need to take caution here, and earn many points for if you die, so you can get your guns back. i suggest getting Tuff Enuff so you will survive longer (tuff Enuff doesn't protect against being hit by the bumper cars, but don't be afraid to turn off the power!). and clowns won't be a problem once i get my TOMMY GUN! (Home Alone quote) (8-10) by now, you should of located the mystery wheel, and have a the journey to space portal. now, go open the arcade area, and make crawlers, earn tickets, buy ticket stuff, train, kill brutes, buy the under area under the arcade, train there, and rinse & repeat. (10-15) now you are struggling? you wanna give up? you hate me forever? WELL TOO BAD!!! J.K.! just go to the kepler system, and whatever you do, DON"T GET CORNERED AT THE FOUNTAIN AREA! if you do, make a break for it down the under area. you should also ride the roller coaster to earn tickets, as this will help you a LOT. (16-24) now, you should go get pack-a-punch, as that is VITAL right now. retreat to the J.I.S. area, where you will BURY YOUR EMOTIONS FOREVER!!! MWA-HA-HA-HA!-HA-HA-HAW!! just repeat the training system from rounds 4-7!!!



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