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Weapon levelling is bugged ATM

Robin Trybou

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i would love to say its a glitch

when 2x-XP was launched with Nuketown 24/7

there was a glitch which was not intended on zombies allowing people get more than 2x-XP - it was more like 5x i would say


Rates after drop of NukeTown 2x-xp

weapon lvl 0 playing to round 35-40ish you would have the weapon lvl max which was amazing felt like i was doing somthing unlike now ;c


Rates After Yesterday Hotfix

weapon lvl 0 playing to round 0-10ish 5-7 levels earned 

+anything higher u get less xp

+anything u packpunch less xp

+if you add a ammo mod to your weapon kiss ur weapon xp gone


Things I've Found Online About the XP i believe this 99% true

theres a "Discord Server for Dev Team for Zombies" and the person that leaked the screenshot has never been wrong about any other leaks before soo..


-What the Developer Said-
"I Spoke with our team and XP is now operating as intended. When you go from Bugged,
very fast XP gain to new, faster than launch XP gain it will always feel slow. We're also
still tuning and reviewing."






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