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  1. I played a game till round 35 to level up the 1911: 4 levels only. I played a game till round 12: 2 levels up!!! Probably packing the gun is bugged idk...
  2. Not in die maschiene, was in previous zombie maps. My profile on yt is Ture2444. For PC i might have several WR i dont know cause not evrybody puts his game on yt. Cause of the 2XP im not training yet for high rounds but 150 should be doable in die maschine i think.
  3. Its not fun to play and not being levelling up anymore if you are prestige 3 (level 100). Also all the weapon levels and challenges we do give extra points we are all losing at the moment. Why cant there be a start of levelling up to 1000 as of now? Or a new level 100 reward... Also i dont get it why the game only goes to level 1000... (unless its a software problem but i dont think so lol) Wave 150
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