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WaW-only cheats for 360 and nextgen (and pc and PS), but not BO nor BO3 reprints.


'Unique to Der Riese' 3 gun cheat, solo or MP: Even in MP zombie matches you do this unique cheat alone.


Requires Bouncing Betties still in inventory (1 or 2, not zero). Requires Pack A Punch machine access (PaP, teleporters linked already). Requires 2 guns in inventory, at least one not PaP'ed (not upgraded), and at least 5200 points. This particular cheat can never give you more than a total of 3 guns/gunslots, solo or MP. These gun slots last until bleed out, simple downs will not take them away. You can swap the guns afterward and retain the extra gunslot.


Cheat (this must be done relatively quick, so read first before attempting): Go to PaP, put gun of choice in PaP, turn 180°, run and buy the 200 point rifle (Kar98) in the start area, and head back to your PaP gun in the PaP machine. (Here's the tricky but easy to master bit) Hit Bouncing Bettie button (d-pad right console), and as soon as the BB starts to appear on screen, hit action (X, Triangle, or pc equivalent) and you'll take the gun from PaP and have 3 guns/gunslots. Notes: if BB comes up too far, you can't swap with PaP gun, calmly put it back and try again before the PaP eats your PaP'd gun and 5000 points. Time is limited, but this very easy to master, just tap the BB button and swap as soon as the BB graphics appear at the bottom of screen. You'll need this skill to PaP all 3 guns (or more, with other upcoming cheats).




PaP 3+ guns: Requires 3+ guns and at least 1 BB in inventory. Once you have 3 or more guns/gun slots and have filled them with the guns of choice, you'll find that the PaP machine won't let you have your gun back, after upgrading, if you already hold 2+ guns in inventory.


So here's the fix; Put gun in PaP, then when it is ready, do the BB trick again. Simply tap the BB button and as it first graphically appears at the bottom of screen, immediately take your PaP gun (hold action, X or Triangle or PC key). If the BB comes up too far so that you can't take the PaP gun, simply put the BB away and try again. This is quite easy to master.


Note that the BB never leaves your inventory while doing these glitches.




Extra Bouncing Bettie(s) on SNN and Der Riese: A simple bug that does not work on Zombie Verrückt BBs. Drop 1 BB, keep 1 in inventory until end of round, then place it. If anyone gets Max Ammo while you have only 1, your BB count goes back up to 2. It will do nothing if you have zero BBs (if you already dropped both).




Get multiple guns/gunslots in 2+ player games: Like the NDU cheat, but highly effective and much easier.


Requirements: 2 players, at least 1 Bouncing Bettie, points for up to 3 guns from the box (or more), Helper player (downs self) needs a hand grenade. Note that 1 player must down themselves and lose a small portion of points (and all perks, so do this before buying perks, or when ready to rebuy them). You can get 3 extra gun slots (and guns) per downing if you do it fast, try 2 guns at first so nobody bleeds out, as that bleed out time is your restriction. You may get Molotov, which won't hurt the cheat, but it will not give you a gun slot.


How to do itHelper player downs themself with a grenade at one end of the box, they still have this grenade somehow, so throw it away so it is not near the box. That's all Helper must do, you are now at the mercy of the Benefitting player.


Benefitting player (BP) must have at least 1 BB and points for up to 3 guns. BP stands at an angle facing Helper and Box. BP hits the box just before the Helper goes down (to conserve time), then JUST BEFORE the gun appears, start reviving Helper. Now box gun appears, BP immediately taps BB button (dpad right or pc key), and almost immediately hits action button (X, triangle, pc key) to take the box gun.


(Repeat actions above once or twice): You may now hit the box a second time, just before gun appears, start reviving, hit BB button, grab gun. Third time, hit box, hit BB, grab gun, revive player just before he bleeds out (again, do it once or twice at first, to practice. Do it thrice once you've mastered this easy cheat. Don't let your friend bleed out. Then you swap roles if desired).


In a 2 man game you'll want to make a slow crawler and drag him away for time reasons, but in 3+4 man games, someone can zombie sit a zombie or crawler.


This the same as in Zombie Verrückt and Shi No Numa.




Zombie Magnets: I used this phrase back in 2008 as a name for spots that can be made to attract zombies. Usually these are just for fun, but in DR this can be useful. Certain wallbuys, perk machines, and even map graphics may attract zombies that are at a certain vulnerability of which I'm not entirely sure of. 


A useful (to me) example is: I have some crawlers near the box that I am trying to hit at the end of a round, so I run to the tunnel and rub myself against the Grenade wallbuy (or Quick Revive machine above the tunnel). Then I check the crawlers to see which ones have lost interest in me and they head to the item that I touched, then they'll regain interest in me. So I kill crawlers that still come after me, so that I can hit the box in peace while the others wander off. This can also be used to revive a player, and will work on whole zombies as well as crawlers.


Sometimes it is just fun to send a few running away while you finish the rest off. This can help the cheats above be easier to accomplish. In different maps and areas, different items may or may not act as a zombie magnet, and some zombies just never care about zombie magnets. Der Riese and Zombie Verrückt seem rife with these spots.




3 Bullet voice bug: Early in the game, fire your last bullets of the pistol so that you have 1 full mag. Fire 5 so you have 3 bullets (works with many guns on DR and SNN).


Once at 3 bullets, try to keep that gun out, like while using Bowie Knife. Usually this slowly causes the character to begin have "ammo issues" voice scripts play oddly. It may say an "low ammo" phrase, then say 2 in a row, then 3 in a row, up to 6. Sometimes it seems to vary by character. Try it and patient.


More on the way probably. 

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The voices.
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