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Zombie Verrückt Multiguns


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WaW-only cheats that work on pc, oldgen, nextgen, but not BO nor BO3 reprints. I'll keep updating this first post with more cheats, so check back.


'Unique to Zombie Verrückt' multigun cheat, solo or mp:


Requires EXACTLY ONE Bouncing Bettie in inventory (just drop the other somewhere), and points for both a perk and a gun that you don't currently have. Be careful at the end of the round, because if a new round starts, you'll have 2 Bouncing Betties again, which will screw this up.


Cheat: Get to desired Perk Machine, pull out BB. Hold right trigger (or pc fire button) down so that when you release it, the BB will be placed. Face the machine to buy the perk, drop the BB and hit the action button (X, square or pc equivalent) to BUY THE PERK AS YOU DROP THE BB. You will have empty hands. DO NOT CYCLE WEAPONS (Y, Triangle, or pc button). Walk to a gun that you do not have (wallbuy or go to box), buy that gun (or hit box, take gun. Molotov won't screw it up nor work right, so you'll need to hit the box again after taking molotov). You now have another gun and gunslot until you bleed out, simple downs won't take these away. Notes; You can always buy Kar98 or Springfield for 200 points if your points are low, assuming you do not have that gun in inventory already, if you do have it already it just gives you ammo and ruins the cheat this time. You can do this cheat as many times as you can buy a perk and have 1 BB (like being downed in an MP game), normally 6 guns max in a solo game. (You do not have to hold the BB, just drop it, but for the first attempt, it gives you a moment to ready yourself until you become fluid at this easy cheat).


83457's MP Revive Variant: Just like above, but instead of buying a perk, drop your last BB, immediately revive a fallen player as it drops. You will end up with the same 'empty hands', then buy a gun before you hit cycle guns (Y, Triangle). Do this on early rounds before buying perks so as to not lose any perks. You can down yourselves on purpose (grenade) and each get a gun and gunslot each round. You can literally get every gun in the box so that it only gives Teddy Bears, but this can lag or crash the game. I suggest 3-5 good guns because cycling through trash weapons becomes a danger.




?Box (mystery box) and Bouncing Bettie gun cheat: Like the NDU cheat, but highly effective and much easier.


Requirements: 2 players, at least 1 Bouncing Bettie, points for up to 3 guns from the box (or more), Helper player (downs self) needs a hand grenade. Note that 1 player must down themselves and lose a small portion of points (and all perks, so do this before buying perks). You can get 3 extra gun slots (and guns) per downing if you do it fast, try 2 guns at first so nobody bleeds out, as that bleed out time is your restriction. You may get Molotov, which won't hurt the cheat, but it will not give you a gun slot.


Cheat: Helper player downs themself with a grenade at one end of the box, they still have this grenade somehow, so throw it away so it is not near the box. That's all Helper must do, you are now at the mercy of the Benefitting player.


Benefitting player (BP) must have at least 1 BB and points for up to 3 guns. BP stands at an angle facing Helper and Box. BP hits the box just as the Helper goes down (to conserve time), then JUST BEFORE the gun appears, start reviving Helper. Now box gun appears, BP immediately taps BB button (dpad right or pc key), and almost immediately hits action button (X, triangle, pc key) to take the box gun. (Repeat actions above once or twice): You may now hit the box a second time, just before gun appears, start reviving, hit BB button, grab gun. Third time, hit box, hit BB, grab gun, revive player just before he bleeds out (again, do it once or twice at first, to practice. Do it thrice once you've mastered this easy cheat. Don't let your friend bleed out). Then you swap roles if desired.


In a 2 man game you'll want to make a slow crawler and drag him away for time reasons, but in 3+4 man games, someone can zombie sit a zombie or crawler.


Edit: This works exactly the same in SNN and Der Riese as well.




Zombie magnets: Rubbing against certain wallbuys or perk machines can attract zombies or crawlers to that spot so they ignore you as you cheat or hit the box. Perk machines work well here, and the grenade wallbuy in the Kar Start Room usually work well. This is not guaranteed, so leave a few ceawlers, rub the magnets with your guy, see which crawlers temporarily lost interest in you, kill the others.


More to come, possibly.

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