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June 5th 1914


I can no longer look at my purpose on this planet as not divine or purposeful. My studies with Group 935 will become legendary within the scientific field. Last night, I was visited by another version of mein self. I know, this is a crazy thing to say, but I have no doubt that it is indeed not of my imagination. I have reasonable suspicions that this latest project Group 935 will supposedly send us on will lead to numerous dark secrets being unearthed. I am fearful, but admittedly giddy inside with this new-found enlightenment. The other me, he came to me last night speaking of a great journey that lies ahead. A journey unlike anything the entire universe will have ever known. He handed me these strange vials of blood, he told me "You will need this blood. When the time comes, it will protect you." After that, he simply vanished without a trace, running into what appeared to be a rift in space-time itself. I will not alert Maxis to this, as I fear he may not understand me and have me removed from my position at Group 935. I cannot allow this. Strangely, there are numbers on these vials... I cannot be sure exactly what these numbers are or even what they mean, but I'm sure they're significant. Only time will tell what the meaning of this mysterious visit means.

-Edward Richtofen



September 21st 1916

I have heard the rumors growing ever-more throughout the past few weeks. Apparently, Group 935 has found a journal belonging to a knight from the legendary and supposedly fabricated "Great War" that myself and Maxis were put in charge of studying. Before now, scientists and scholars all around the world have theorized and come to agree that the so called Great War was nothing but a fabrication of mad knights and kings in a forgotten era. With the discovery of this journal, Group 935's higher-ups are no longer so sure. This journal proves to us that this so called forgotten era had men way ahead of their time with scientific advancements. This journal written by a knight by the name of "Sir Pablo Marinus" contains real geological coordinates! This is simply wunderbar as far as discovery goes! We now know that the 17th Century was not the first time coordinates were actually used, but instead it was 13th Century! The higher-ups are currently working on finding the location the coordinates lead to, but I cannot help but suspect they already found it by now and are simply hiding it from everyone else. I will pursue further details.

-Edward Richtofen



May 24th 1917


Just as I had suspected, the higher-ups sent Maxis and I to Northern France to scavenge anything we can find from the journal of the knight. We've discovered a series of underground tombs with corpses that are still preserved after all these years despite not having any clear mummification process like the Ancient Egyptians. If anything, it appears as if they only recently died. There is no stench of death, no decomposition, frankly I am amazed to see this. As time went on we discovered the main chamber to the tombs. After we tried for weeks to break it open to no avail, we had almost given up and reported back to Germany. Until out of frustration, a soldier guarding the tomb began to play music to calm his nerves. The music seemingly opened up the chamber as if by magic. I once again cannot doubt that fate itself has willed me to come here... But for what? Maxis has begun to seemingly lose his mind, I have been thinking of reporting him to the higher ups of Group 935, but I fear it may interfere with my purpose. He speaks of a little girl named Samantha, his "daughter" despite having no lover to my knowledge. Plus, if it was his daughter, why is she nowhere to be seen, and why would she be on top secret grounds? It makes no sense to me, but I digress. Maxis wants me to build these magnificent staves that are said to be wielded by heroes of The Great War. Maxis, as I stated previously is chasing after myths and legends rather than what he should be doing for Group 935. Despite the fact that as time goes on I fear the Great War is more fact than fiction, I also fear that perhaps opening the main tomb was a big mistake. The element is here in such abundance and we don't even know the full capabilities of it yet. I fear the worst, is yet to come.

-Edward Richtofen



May 15th 1918


Through the exceptional powers of Element 115, we have constructed mechanized abominations. I... cannot say I am not utterly intoxicated by the power we wield with an iron fist here. I am however incredibly concerned for Maxis and the soldiers around the dig site. Specifically at Dig Site 64 where the main tomb is located. Ever-since we began using the 115-generators our men have reported "ancient figures" emerging from the tomb. I at first deemed it a 115-induced hallucination but I can no longer consider it anywhere near that. It is accurate, and it is something we should have handled more cautiously. I was a skeptic of this until I saw it for myself. Ancient knights looking more decayed than anything I'd ever seen walking around and attempting to attack other soldiers. The soldiers put them down with bullets, but some were not so lucky. Eventually becoming as violent as the knights that attacked them. Our men have begun to get sick with some unknown illness that appears to kill them, then regenerate their dead cells bringing them back to life. Element 115 is incredibly dangerous and should never have been discovered. I now doubt my grand purpose here, I think this is something we never should have found. There's so much that we have to do... a vessel for Maxis, the staves, the opening of the gateway... Agh, even as I write I am getting confused. I must admit that I myself am not immune to these 115-induced delusions. Maxis came to me today and told me he renounces his involvement with Group 935 and encourages I do the same. I told him I already reported him to the higher-ups, but he didn't seem concerned. He looked more... sickly than ever before. Perhaps he too was succumbing to the illness going around the campsite. I will investigate further, but I refuse to let him die. I lost my parents before already, I will not lose another. 

-Edward Richtofen



June 4th 1918


An outbreak has begun at Site 64. The undead knights are swarming my men by the thousands and overwhelming us all, consuming everything in its path. I was right about Maxis, he was infected with whatever the illness was that had been spreading like wildfire across the camp. I have since removed his brain before infection and drawn up schematics to preserve him in a drone-like body until we can find a way to bring him into a new body. Unfortunately my pieces were scattered throughout the progress of the outbreak, I fear I will die here. I am now no longer believing in my purpose whatsoever. Maxis told me he believes a higher power is watching over us, but I do not believe his words to be true. Everything that man has told me is nothing short of 115-induced delusions for the past year. He has been consumed by evil. Wait a second, was ist los? There are three men who just entered the room. 

Edited by ProjectKMR

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