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Classified EASY High Round 50+ & XP Strategy


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Classified EASY High Round 50+ & XP Strategy


Hello Everyone! Welcome to my high round and xp grind Guide / Strat on Classified. You don't need to copy my exact setup, but below I will list my setup and the main things you will need.



Head Scam (chance of a headshot being an insta kill)

Burned Out (for those clutch moments)

Anywhere But Here (clutch moments)

Always Done Swiftly (helps on starting rounds)



ICR (Rounds 5 - 30)

RAY GUN  (Rounds 30 & Onward)

WINTERS HOWL (ASAP, this gun is needed for the full strat)




If you would prefer to simply watch how I do this then feel free to to watch my video that shows me doing the full strat.




Starting off from spawn, get as much points as posible. I personaly camp in the elevator for spawn until I have enough to move out.

Next build PAP. I had mines done for round 6 so you should be able to build it for around similar rounds.

Our strategy will be consisting of camping outside the DEFCON room in the War Room.

Now you have PAP opened, time to get set up. Personally I like to use the ICR as it is right next to where the strat is. Using this along with deadshot and the Head Scam Elixir means fast, easy and simple rounds until the mid 20's into 30's.

As you are progressing through rounds and earning points, save enough to PAP the ICR to make it last a little long but you also want to be hitting the box for the Winters Howl.


Now for the strategy. Camp right outside the doors of the DEFCON room. Using the ICR and Deadshot, you will be able to kill zombies so easy. Like I said above you will want to PAP it too. Getting into the late round 20's you will want to start using the Winters Howl more, training some zombies and blasting them with it. This clears waves super fast. While your doing this, you want to be leveling up your sword special weapon to level 2. Doing this awill let you do a sword dash that just destroys anything in its path. You will use the sword everytime its powered up to save ammo. Reaching round 30 you want to have the Ray Gun and PAP it too.


Now basically all you have to do is switch between the Winters Howl, Ray Gun and your Sword and you will fly through rounds easy. My video above will show you everything you need to do.

Dogs are a pain, but as you will see from my video I use the Ray Gun to one shot there head and continue training and using the Winters Howl.


Hope this strat helps some of you reach some high rounds, feel free to leave them below!


Pro Tips

Watch out for splash damage with the ray gun

Use Ray Gun to kill dogs

If trapped, spam the Winters Howl and run or use Burned Out!



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