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Classified Pack A Punch Guide

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Classified Pack A Punch Guide



This is a step by step guide on how to reach pack a punch. As the game has just released, some steps may be slightly out of place in my list below but the thread will be updated if so. Also, guide pictures/videos will be added to the thread as time goes on for locations of certain steps etc. Lets get to the steps!



You need to find and pick up 3 teleporter parts that you can find around the map. The locations are listed below.


  • In the Morgue lying on a table.
  • In the panic room. (Where Pack A Punch was located on Five) You need to activate the DEFCON switches for this.
  • Main offices. (Beside spawn)



Now that you have collected all of the parts, head downstairs to the weapon testing room in the labs. There will be a crafting bench where you will be able to build the Teleporter Signal Amplifier. Pick up the part once you have built it and head to the war room upstairs.



Turn on all of the DEFCON switches and head to the teleporter that you would normally use to enter the panic room. When you get close enough, you will be prompted to hold the action button to place the Amplifier.



Now go and turn on all of the DEFCON switches again and head down to the teleporter. You will notice there will be a teleporter with a spinning Pack A Punch machine icon inside it. Simply walk into this where you will be teleported to Area 51, where you now have access to Pack A Punch.



Congrats! You now know how to unlock Pack A Punch for Classified!

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