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[[SPOILERS]] The Darkest Shore Intro/Outro Leaked!

Silv3r Energy

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A reddit user by the name of u/rTwGNaywaoaLh posted ~6 days ago the subtitles for the intro and outro. View at your own risk, friends.




Marie: It's too soon for us to be back in the field.

Marie: Rideau was wrong to send us out.

Drostan: Yeah, anybody else wish he hadn't survived the train wreck?

Drostan: Oh shit...

Olivia: I watched you at the briefing. You don't like this place.

Jefferson: What is it? Rideau said you'd been here before.

Drostan: Yeah, well... this place has got some history.

Drostan: Poking out of the sea like Lucifer's middle finger.

Drostan: I'm not surprised Straub came here to this piece of shit island.

Drostan: I'm just wondering why we followed him.

Marie: We need to find the rest of the sword before he does. We need to...

Olivia: We know why you're here, Marie. At least this time you're not pretending to care about our cause.

Marie: This is different. We should have heavy fog all morning.

Marie: If everything goes well, nobody will fire a shot.

Drostan: Yeah, when have things ever gone well for our little tea party?

Drostan: Oh shit.

Drostan: Oh shit!

Jefferson: Stay close. Let's move people.

Olivia: But where is the other boat?

Drostan: This damn island. This goddamn island!

Olivia: Shh calme-toi.

Drostan: Still feeling optimistic, darlin'?

Drostan: I can't believe I'm saying this but I wish we were back in Germany!




Jefferson: Now, people. Now!

Marie: Straub! He's escaping!

Olivia: Not without us, he isn't!

Jefferson: You've got to be kidding me!

Drostan: I told ya we were fucked. Drostan told ya!

Jefferson: Well there goes the cavalry...

Drostan: Yeah, we've gone from bad to worse mate.

Marie: He's bringing his army to Britain!

Olivia: No, something's wrong. We're not going to England. Straub has other plans.


gg, SGH



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