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Ode To The Unmarked Graves

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Too many unmarked graves out there...


Too many lost, forgotten souls who have faded into obscurity, pistol in hand as they curse their fellow survivors for being too slow or stupid to reach the box alley in time to revive them on waves 50+.


A word of warning to all who prefer quick revive over Tombstone... I am not a Medic. This means after, roughly wave 20, I am not reviving you unless the current situation allows for it. Not because I don't want to risk my own ass for the sake of your weapons, but because if you liked having weapons and perks, you should have bought insurance for them...


I may seem like a bitter, jaded ass for even creating this thread, but too many times I have had sessions regress into total failure because people cannot stay on their feet. And look, accidents happen, I'm a knife guy so I know, lol. But when you have decent players who go down on waves 20+ and have to be manually revived, therefor losing all perks and needing to do a full run before they are fit to fight again, it gets so tiring, so annoying.


Most of your problems in COD Zombies are solved with one Perk costing you a mere 2000 points.





Behold, the drink of Champions...


Let me give you the Skinny on the best Perk in the game, hands down.


Reasons To Buy Tombstone


  1. Being Downed costs you NOTHING, only the cost of another Tombstone (2k points). You don't have to stress whether or not you'll be revived in time. You don't have to worry about the cost of perks. When you get back, you have everything, the other 3 perks you had, and all your weapons/PaPs.
  2. You never have to buy your perks again! The other 3 perks you had, are still there, that's why it's even better than Jugg, because it locks in your Jugg so long as you buy it.
  3. NO REVIVES. All you have to do is keep doing you, survive the round, and everyone comes back just as they left... Most people who are aware you've gone down with Tombstone will change their strategy to sweep the round as quick as possible to get you back.
  4. You wake up with Jugg and Tap, ready to go.
  5. It only costs you 2k to recover from a down.


I mean it's common sense, lol. Quick Revive is for newbs, period. Only time it's logical to buy is on solo (obvious) or if you're in a session and came to realize there are going to be a lot of downs, but you're too committed to just leave.


I'm approaching the point where I simply won't revive people, ever. Then maybe, just maybe they'll be forced to ask themselves, "why?"


EDIT: Also, when you have Tombstone, as soon as you hit the floor, hold X (360) or Square (PS) to activate Spectator Mode. NO, it does not take you out of the session, it removes your downed body so no one revives you, ruining your Tombstone effects.


Do not, I repeat, do not lay there expecting us to know that you have it, lol.

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