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The Colours of Yellow, Blue and the penultimate Red, Explained...? Also M. Night Shyamalan!

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I watched this film called 'Split' directed by M. Night Shyamalan - great director when he lands good material in my opinion. The film is about a schizophrenic individual who has many [twenty-four?] personalities, and when he changes personalities his body chemistry has subtle but remarkable changes on his body. That part of the film, although interesting, is not the reason I am posting this. 


The man had twenty-four personalities, however over time the number dwindled to a dominant four, who in team took over this antagonist [Kevin] in an attempt of a shared agenda - to become 'the beast'. Again, that part is also interesting but not the reason I am posting this. If you watch the film, you would understand each personality throughout the film gets hold of the Spotlight. For Kevin, this is a mental construct his therapist had him create in order for a smooth transition between personalities. Sometimes it would be a kid, a mother and another man. They dress, feel and act differently than one another. One in the twenty personalities even discovered 'she' had  diabetes... 


Recently I have seen people trying to understand what the eye-colour changes mean and who they represent. They want to know who  it represents, however I am still on edge about who the red eyes are. Let us consider  what  it represents instead.


Colour is an important tell when looking at these maps. I think a good example of this would be that [in Origins] a normal herd of zombies have yellow eyes, yet it was only when the miners broke down the wall and uncovered the corruption of Templar Zombies, that the corruption began to spread throughout the trenches. This is not the colour of eyes I'm truly concerned about, it is colour around the map in general. Yellowed-hazed zombies, we already think this is Samantha's influence, but the map itself from the colour of Divinium and throughout the map we are seeing this blue haze devour the map. It's atmosphere, it's tone, the snow and the cold blue of the Apothicon Sun.


Yet, in Black Ops II - Tranzit specifically, the maps were mostly dominated by yellows and oranges, but the zombies had blue eyes this time around. It was at this point, before the division of Dimensions after Buried, the Apothicon influence was more subdued as compared to Origins. 


Alcatraz is, to me, still an anomaly at this point. It has a different, more punishing influence but still gives us room for redemption, offering us  Hell's Retriever,  then its  redeemer. This map is unique because it feels like we are playing a map from another game within a different setting altogether. In Origins we at least remnants of yellow in the overarching blue of the map, but in Alcatraz, there is only darkness and red. And you could argue there are shades of blue there like in Origins, but those shades aren't compelling enough to me.
More on Alcatraz down the line.


Alcatraz is not merely a special case, no, we have to know why this map is important. Going onto what I was talking about the Spotlight  of which Kevin's personalities undertake, and how a small minority of those personalities bring forward a shared agenda of becoming 'the beast'. Even though Samantha could be influencing the Zombies to kill, by taking the spotlight, unwittingly to her she could be perpetuating an undercurrent of something even grander than herself. They may unknowingly be involved in a shared agenda, but are all too blinded to realise. And Monty could as well be part of this. 


And by the end of the movie, Kevin corrupted by the voices and their agenda, shows us his penultimate form. "The Beast"




What I am still curious about is in the Zombies Chronicles trailer we find the spirit in the form of Samantha finally set free. What is intriguing about that video is what the spirit is. It represents the cold blue haze of the Apothicons, and would immediately think that this is a the Shadowman escaping as her form. But the Shadowman himself surrounds himself with bright yellows and oranges -like in Shadows of Evil - but not the blue haze of the their Sun... 


This leaves me to think that this spirit in the video is something else. A key colour to this entity is in fact green, from the way it uses its manipulation throughout the trailer. This could be a mission for people to undertake. What else is the colour 'green' in Zombies? Zetsebou No Shima has significant uses of this colour (along with yellow). Why do you think? Another interesting thing to mention is the quest egg, it's called The Seed of Doubt.  While in Der Reise, there was a message relaying to the Illuminati from Richthofen. He tells them "The seed has been planted".  Cool


Interesting! Thanks for getting this far. 

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This says Richthofen during the Easter Egg Quest in Buried.


"All this talk about energy, it's so vague, ja? It's best not to worry about it. Just think about the big ones, positive and negative, North and South, light and dark, good and….HAHAHAHAHAHA…..EVIL!"

We know the Aether has something to do with electromagnetics, and with positive and negative energy. Richthofen states here the contraposition between the Light and Dark Aether. Positive and negative (energy and dimensions, like in AetherialVoices Theory), good and evil (speaks for itself) and....North and South. A reference to electromagnetism. A red North and a blue South. 


Red and blue are seen in the sky of Revelations


images (2).jpg

Red and blue are seen as a Aurora Borealis in the sky of Origins and Gorod Krovi




Red and blue as eye colors of zombies.


Red and blue are seen as portals: Red as the Rift in Buried, SoE and Revelations, blue as the portal to the Crazy Place in Origins.


And there is more: A mixture between red and blue: Purple.


Hell is purple- GkNova6

Purple like the MTD portals. Purple like the Margwa's eye. Purple like the Shadowman. Purple like some Zombies eyes in Origins. Purple is Apothican, for sure. But what is blue and red? Because together, they create purple.

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3 hours ago, anonymous said:

Purple like the MTD portals. Purple like the Margwa's eye. Purple like the Shadowman. Purple like some Zombies eyes in Origins. Purple is Apothican, for sure. But what is blue and red? Because together, they create purple.


The more I try to draw distinctions between which character in our story retains influence over the zombies, trying to figure out which colour belongs to who and how, makes me realize that it does not matter who it belongs too. When in truth it could be all part of something more... singular... anyway.


Where and how does red come into play here? It's there, but has no origin like the other colours do! The next thing is Monty's red scarf, first seen in Buried. To me that red scarf is Monty telling us that we are at a crossroads in the storyline. Blood (obviously red) is another aspect to this. The Reaper and Hand stains in World at War to Black Ops: Call of the Dead. And the prominent red in Alcatraz - a literal bloodbath of a map littered with Satanic ritual... 


But to say Monty is the Devil because of a red scarf and the Shadowman telling us he is? Still not convinced. The Shadowman obviously wanted to turn on him with any means, besides, why would the Harbinger of Doom  denounce doom itself? Even gods have gods.

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