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Zombie Chronicles: Everything you need to know


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So today we got the amazing news of Zombie Chronicles actually being real. The man himself Jason Blundell announced this on JCbackfires YouTube channel with a great and entertaining video. Since this is now official here is everything you will need to know.


Zombie Chronicles will include 8 remastered maps. These maps are;

1) Nacht

2) Verrukt

3) Shi No Numa

4) Kino

5) Ascension

6) Shangri La

7) Moon

8) Origins



The maps will will also contain some new secrets for us to solve. Not sure if this confirms that maps that didn't have EEs will but I doubt that. I think it will be more of ciphers etc.


Zombie Chronicles will be released on the 16th May first on PS4.


We will be able to get more information on Monday as Treyarch will be live streaming Zombie Chronicles for the first time for us to see and hear more about it. I will be updating the thread as we learn more! 


Thank you Jason Blundell you god of a man.


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1 hour ago, Blurryface said:

She sure did my dude!

I may be slightly moist in certain locations right now. My girlfriend doesn't understand my excitement.



Neither does my Fiancé, but I discribe it as a facination that only I could understand as a epileptic Orgasim on a midget scale

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