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Shaolin Shuffle Trophy / Achievement List


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Here is a list of all of the trophies for Shaolin Shuffle!


trophy_silver.png Book Worm
In Shaolin Shuffle, find and collect all bios for AJ, Andre, Poindexter and Sally.

trophy_silver.png Coin-Op
In Shaolin Shuffle, complete Skullbuster.

trophy_hidden7.png trophy_bronze.png Beat of the Drum
In Shaolin Shuffle, find the hidden song.

trophy_bronze.png Sliced and Diced
In Shaolin Shuffle, Pack-A-Punch the final weapon.

trophy_silver.png Pest Control
In Shaolin Shuffle, recover one piece of the Soul Key.

trophy_hidden7.png trophy_bronze.png Exterminator 
In Shaolin Shuffle, defeat the final boss with a special guest.

trophy_bronze.png Shaolin Skills
In Shaolin Shuffle, max all Chi abilities in a single game.

trophy_hidden7.png trophy_bronze.png Message Received
The end of the longest journey is a single step.

trophy_bronze.png Soul Brother
In Shaolin Shuffle, collect all of the newspaper clippings.

trophy_bronze.png Some Assembly Required
In Shaolin Shuffle, build all the craftable items in a game.

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