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Zombies In Spaceland High Round Strategy


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Welcome to my Zombies In Spaceland high round strategy guide. In this guide I will take you through everything you need on making it to a high round on Spaceland and also some little tips on getting to a high round faster.


Before we start here is what I recommend.


I highly recommend that you out on the Fate card Scopped Dollars as this will help get you a lot of points at the start of the game so you can open up the map more quicker.

I also recommend that you put on Scorched Skin too as it's just a little something extra to help you from going down.


I also recommend the fortune cards that save your perks when you go down or the one that instantly revives you when you go down. (can't remember their names)


Now for your loadout, it doesn't really matter but I do recommend whatever gun your going to be using a lot that you should put the best attachments on it so it can be used to its full capability.


Now we have that out of the way let's crack on with the strategy.


Starting off from spawn the first thing you want to do is grab the M1 as this will be used along with Scopped Dollars to help you gain a lot of money really fast. You just simply want to get through the first couple of rounds and open the first door and continue killing zombies until your Fate and Fortune meter is full. Once it's full you want to get a group of zombies together and activate your Scopped Dollars card. From here try your best to get tripple and quad headshot kills with one bullet as this will get you the most points. Continue doing this untill the Fate card has run out.


Now from here you want to do your basic set up which is opening up the map, getting power and pack-a-punch open and grabbing your perks and weapons. By now you will be on rounds 8-12 and your first Brute will be coming soon. 


Once you are happy with your perks and weapons you want to find yourself a good training spot. Here is a few that I use.


The Rocket Trap (Journey Into Space)

Croc Trap (Kepler)

Spaceships Trap (Journey Into Space)


These areas are big open spaces which allow a lot of space to run the zombies and kill them.


So now we are here, simply train and aim for the head and fire through the rounds until around round 16-20. Here your weapon is going to start getting weak and won't be any good. So - Go and Pack-A-Punch your guns and return to your training spot and continue to fly through the rounds.


Once you reach rounds 28-33 your guns are again going to be weak and rounds will start to drag. This is where our final strategy comes into play.


Doing this can be boring / repetitive but you do need to pay attention when doing this as it is easy to get trapped and go down.


Head over to the Croc trap as this is what we are going to be using to kill the zombies from now on. Now here is how we do this.


The area where the water shooting game is, is where we want to be grouping the zombies up. Then we take them through the Crocs mouth - Stall them in there and just have enough time to run out before the mouth snaps down on top of you.


The more you do this strategy the more easier it becomes and the better you will get but it takes time and a little skill. This will take you through rounds 50-60 and a steady pace but it's only after 60 you start to become slow as the rounds seem to last forever. This is by far the best strategy on the map at this point and I highly recommend you give it a try.


I am going to have a video up soon of the strategy but I hope this helps you out until that time.


Let me know how you get on and be sure to post in the ZIS Highest around topic if you get to a high round :23:

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