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Rave In The Redwoods Easy Money Guide


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Hello everyone and welcome to my RiTR easy money guide. In this quick little guide, I will teach you how to get a large amount of money in the early rounds to help you open up the map and get to things more quickly. So let's get right into it!


What you will need:

Fate Card - Scoped Dollars

Weapon - M1 Grand (Spawn Room)

Fire Pouch (These are dropped randomly by zombies after round 2)


Alright, now that we have everything we need it's time to get started.


Load up Rave and as soon as you spawn you want to head upstairs and grab the M1 Grand. From here you want to finish the first 2 rounds. You can do this anyway you like but for a little extra money you can do this strategy.

Round 1 - Shoot zombie once with M1 and then melee.

Round 2 - Shoot zombie twice with M1 and then melee.

Once you have finished the first two rounds you should have enough to open up the first door in the spawn room. You want to take the door that leads you to the Mess Hall. Once you open the door head to the fire pit that is just outside the Mess Hall. From here you want to fill up the rest of your Fortune Card meter and also look out for one of the pouches that the zombies drop. Once you have both of these you are all ready to make money.


Group up a bunch of zombies and activate your fortune card Scopped Dollars and then put the pouch into the fire so that you are in Rave mode. Now you simply need to try and get triple headshot kills or quad kills with one single bullet per shot. Double kills are okay too but won't get you as much money. Keep doing this until they are no zombies left or your rave mode had ran out. Now use a different weapon to kill of the remaining zombie and until you get another pouch again. Then simply repeat the step above until your scopped dollards has ran out.


Doing this can get you an easy $25,000 before round 8 and that is enough to open up the full map and get some perks too.


I hoped this helped you out and became useful to you.


:23: Happy slaying 

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