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Rave In The Redwoods Power Guide

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Here is a simple text guide on turning on the power in Rave In The Redwoods. I decided I would start making these guides as Xbox and PC users are almost about to get the map so I thought I would fill up the forum with some information for them. So let's begin!


From the spawn room you will have the option to open two doors. One will be inside the cabin and one will be outside just on the balcony. You want to open the door inside the cabin just right of the fireplace.


Once you open the door you will be outside. You want to follow the path ahead which will lead you to the Mess Hall. Continue through the Mess Hall and once you reach the other side you will be back outside again and sitting out there will be a camp fire. Here there will be two doors that can be opened. You want to ignore the door to the right of the Mess Hall just as you exit it and walk up the stairs leading you to the other door that can be opened. Open that door and continue on ahead.


Once you continue ahead, you will now be at the cabins. We are almost at the power switch now. From the cabins just keep walking straight through and past the camp fire that is there and open the door right in front of you. From here walking a little forward and take a left and you will enter the mine.


Just as you enter the mine you will need to open one last door. Open the door and continue through sticking to the left. Now simply follow the mine all the way to the bottom where you will find the cellar. In here right in front of you will be the power switch that will power the whole map for you and also a little mini game you can play once the power is on.


So there you go! You now have the power on in Rave and your ready to get loaded up to slay some zombies. :23:

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