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ZIS I Love The 80's Easter Egg Song Guide


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Hello everyone. This is just a quick guide on how to find the two hidden songs in Zombies in Spaceland. Hope this helps a few people out!


Modern Warfare 1 Easter Egg Song

To hear the first Easter egg song, look for Employee of the Month Boards.

A Teddy Bear photo will be pinned onto one of these boards. Shoot it and another Teddy Bear photo will spawn on one of the other boards randomly. Check the location below. You’ll need to shoot 3 Teddy photos to get the first song.

  • Employee of the Month – Teddy Locations:
    1. Spawn Area – In the ticket booth where the Quick Revive (Up n’ Atoms) is located.
    2. Astrocade – Go up the right stairs to the upper level and look in the zombie spawn window on your right. The board is on the wall across from the window.
    3. Journey Into Space – Near the doors to Rover Rampage, look for a zombie spawn window with a bloody message (“All Dead”) — the board is on the wall opposite the window.
    4. Underground – In the breakroom on the maintenance tunnels that lead to the Kepler System.
    5. Underground – In the very first room you reach when going into the underground from Kepler. Turn right and you’ll see the board on the white wall.
    6. Underground – In the second room you reach when going down into the tunnels from the Kepler System. From the stairs, turn right at the bottom and look in the ‘Employees Only’ room. The board is on the right wall behind the movie posters.
    7. Kepler System – Up the stairs and turn right at the Chromosphere. Cross the bridge and look in the zombie spawn window on the left. The board is on the opposite wall.
    8. Hyper Slide – At the top of the slide (that leads back down to Cosmic Way) look for a brightly lit employee room behind a zombie spawn window to the left of the slide itself.
    9. Polar Peak – Behind the counter to the right of the roller coaster ride boarding area.

That’s all 9 locations. Shoot three bears and a remixed version of the Modern Warfare 1 theme will play.


Modern Warfare 2 Easter Egg Song

These are all of the locations that I know of. They may be more but this covers most of them so if you are missing one, just have a look around and I am sure you will find the missing one.


Teddy Bear Locations:

Through a gift shop window in Cosmic Way (Pack-a-Punch Portal hub)

In a cavern visible from the bridge linked Cosmic Way to Polar Peak

On a chair in a ruined office in the underground maintenance tunnels

Top left corner of the prize display case behind the Astrocade counter

On the concession cart near the Tuff Nuff perk

On the railings in the Polar Peak roller coaster boarding area.

On the railings in the Kepler System’s upper level, near the Mystery Wheel

In the Polar Peak gift shop near the cookie display shelf

On a ledge above the Portal Peak teleporter.

On a balcony in Journey into Space, above Moon Shakes

Inside the bathroom window near the Tuff Nuff perk

In the underground maintenance arrow, on top of a yellow ladder



Thats it! You should now have the two bonus songs and also the trophy I Love The 80's will pop up. Congrats! :23:

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