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Finally got to level 100!


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So after being away for so long it was good to come back to zombies. Since I was waiting on the new map coming out I was grinding Spaceland to get back into the swing of things and was around level 57.

Now that I am addicted to zombies again, I have completed the Spaceland EE multiple times and have now completed the Rave EE getting myself to level 100!

Here is my stats so far and also the level 100 level icon! :23:


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5 hours ago, The Meh said:

Honestly, you're probably the most into this game than anyone on the forums right now... but I mean, that's a good thing anyways. So, congrats about this, man.

Yeah I kinda see that. It's a shame because it is a good game if people give it a chance and get into it. I played way too much BO3 and I am level 1000 on it so their isn't much for me to do over on that apart from helping people do the EEs. Thanks dude!

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