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What parts of each map are in Revelations?


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From playing Revelations I'm really starting to love how they've included things from a lot of previous maps, and I'm wondering what is in Revelations from each map. So far i have recognised:

Nacht - The map itself                                         Call Of The Dead: ?                          Shadows: Margwas etc 

Verruckt: Part of the map                                     Shangri La: Part of the map              Der Eisen: Undercroft&ragnarok

Shi No Numa: The flogger in Origins                     Moon: ?                                           ZNN: Round music in shang 

Der Reise: ?                                                       Tranzit: ?                                         GK: Dragon Shield

Kino: Part of the map                                           Die Rise: ?

Five: ?                                                                Mob&origins: Part of the map

Ascension: ?                                                       Buried: Round music in Kino


Is there stuff from these other maps that I'm missing?

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Call of the Dead and Five have radios that feature characters from them. 

Shi No Numa ais also referenced in a radio that features a female version of Cornelius Purnell.

Apart from that, I don't see much else from other maps. But then, I've only seen gameplay and haven't had hands on experience with the map. I'm both disappointed and relieved that there is no mention of Ascension. I don't want Jason to get his hands on that masterpiece.

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