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confused with story some one clear this up for me.


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So I'm confused about whether or not the Edward we played as in world at war and black ops is an older version of the 2.0 version.Is the 2.0 going back in time to change the result of what took place in buried? what I gathered but don't know if it'a right is that 2.0 went back in time to when he first met the crew to prevent himself from taking the actions of what led to moon so none of these things happen but when he helped the maxis drone get to Sam he caused the multiverse to happen basically what Monty tells us in gorod krovi. can someone tell me if that's right?

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Yes. All of our characters from World at War through to Black Ops 1 are the older "versions" of themselves. Richtofen from Origins and the rest of the crew are all the younger "versions of them" Remember. World at War and Black Ops 1 zombies takes place after World War 2. Origins however, takes place during World War 1.

Through Black Ops 3, we have had various theories pop up that have both blown over or have remained the same throughout. The events that take place in Der Eisendrache don't necessarily occur just to stop the events of Moon from occurring. That is never mentioned. Only theorised to have occured. 

Really, the entire story is revolving around Richtofen and Co. teleporting through dimensions in order to restore balance. As Monty puts it, opening the gateway in Origins "smashed" the proverbial mirror, creating thousands of similar, but different universes. Now, by killing specific versions of themselves across the multi-verses, they are restoring balance and sending the souls of those versions of themselves to the House, which in turn will protect them when they fix the gateway and stop the multi-verses from ever existing. 

Long story short, they're traveling to different dimensions to save themselves and restore balance to the universe. Of course, that's what I take from all of it. The story has never had solid roots. It always changes as theories are created and debunked. It's always evolving. Hopefully I cleared it all up for you. Any other questions?

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I'm still a bit confused I didn't really follow the story to much in black ops 3 but I heavily followed it back in black ops.the new trailer got me interested in the story now.so what I'm confused about now is since they are the same person but 2.0 is just younger how does the black ops 1 story play into black ops 3 does it effect the current story right now or is it irrelevant?

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I'm not entirely sure. As far as I am aware, only elements of the Black Ops 1 story have made their way into Black Ops 3. For example, mention of Brock and Gary (Shangri La) in a cipher in Zetsubou No Shima and Gersh in his orb state in Gorod Krovi. I'm fairly certain that the stories don't have anything to do with each other, besides the fact that the characters in Black Ops 1 make appearances in Black Ops 3. But with Revelation just around the corner, and if the multi-map theories are correct. We may get a conclusion to whether or not the games' stories play into each other.

Not to mention that the zombies comic is coming out soon, which will most likely answer some questions that we have pertaining to the Black Ops 1 and 2 stories. The latter of which left far too many unanswered questions. 

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