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Upgrading The Dragon Shield


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I couldn't find a topic on here with a compete guide on upgrading the Dragon Shield so I thought I would make a little usefull post that can help some people out.


So first of all before we begin, you will need to find the parts then build the normal dragon shield before doing this. Once done, follow the following steps.

Step One - You will need to get 30-50 kills with the Dragon Shields fire effect.
Step two - Shoot the 3 purple sayings with the Dragon Shield. ( Below are the locations to the sayings )
Supply Depot- Walk up the steps near Speed Cola and turn around when you reach the top.
Dragon Command- Walk up the left cat walk where you board the dragon. Turn left and there will be a ledge with chairs and the purple apothicon symbols.
Tank Factory- Walk up to the right side of where you board the dragon and you will see the purple saying on the robots shoulder
Step Three - When you all are shot you will hear an audio quote.
Step Four - Wait a whole round.
Step Five - When you hear the audio quote again go to the spawn where the dragon was killed. Place the shield in the dragons body to upgrade it .


Then that will be you fully upgraded with your shiny new upgraded dragons shield.

Hope this was helpfull and will help people understand it a little better. :)

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