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I'm starting to get Impatient for this Jumpscare EE

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Literally. Like, the gobblegum. Like what I did there? On a serious note, I came up with an idea that is just crazy enough to work. I can't think of a practical use for the sniper rifle in this situation, yet, but I guess we can work from there if something happens. 

So, my idea does actually involve the Impatient gobblegum. What happens when you get it? You will respawn near the end of the round that you bleed out on. You will respawn immediately if you bleed out with only 1 or 2 zombies left. 

Now, let's talk about the imprint plant. What happens when you bleed out after you've activated an imprint plant? You respawn immediately in your clone body.

Furthermore, what would happen if you bleed out while having both the Impatient gobblegum and an imprint plant activated at the same time? Which one would take precedence or would they both? If they both activate and you can only control one body, what messed up entity will be controlling your other body? Or what type of mutation could come out of this, especially if you don't gain control of your imprint? These questions, I do not have the answer too. 

We have already been told that there is some coding in the map that implies there is a way to make the game think you are dead when you are not. I think this would be one of the only ways to make an imprint plant create a doppelganger or to even create one at all. If /u/TheReal_DF hadn't said that a sniper rifle was needed, I would be much more confident that this was exactly how to do this. I'm extremely curious, but haven't been able to test it myself. So, r/CODZombies users, let's get this tested. I want to see what will happen if you wait until the end of a round, activate both the gobblegum and the imprint plant, and then down yourself. I could be completely wrong here, but atleast we can debunk it if I am. 

Additionally, Jason Blundell did say he likes to hide things in places we least expect. Curious. How many of you actually use the Impatient gobblegum?

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