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Here is a guide that should help with any mystery behind the plant growth and will show you exactly what to do in order to get the result you want.

1. Pick up a seed power-up drop from a zombie.

2. Plant your seed in one of the soil locations scattered around the map.

3. Obtain a bucket. There are 4 general locations for them: Spawn, Lab A, Lab B, and the green water pool (next to the ICR) .

4. Fill your bucket with water. Water your plant for 3 consecutive rounds and harvest your reward on the next round. Depending on the type of water you use on it, you can have many different results.

Blue Water

This pool can be found behind Lab A, or the path going to the left of the map. Using this water will result in pods that can be opened to reveal guns, power-ups, etc.

Green Water

This pool can be found behind Lab B, or the path going to the right of the map. Using this water will result in pods that turn zombies into crawlers and then skewer them. These pods will hold a zombie for quite a while, so you can get some things done in peace without ending the round.

Purple Water

This pool can be found in the quarters area of the bunker (the door directly across from the one leading to the power switch), or the right door in the room with pack-a-punch. Using this water will result in pods that attack and kill any zombies around it. They will act as a monkey bomb until destroyed by zombies.

Getting a Fruit. In order to get the fruit, a plant must be watered will all three types of water in a random order. I've had the most success with using purple last, but I have not confirmed whether or not this is true. This fruit gives the player a free perk. NOTE: The fruit can be obtained as many times as you want, as far as I know, and changes order for each individual plant. The best way I've done this is to collect three seeds and plant one green or blue and the other 2 the opposite color. Then switch colors on he next one depending on what you started with and finish them all off with purple. I got 2 out of 3 as fruits and one was a blue start and one was a green start.

Rainbow Water

This water can be obtained in the sewer escape slide. Once retrieved, it is used to water a hidden plant location to grow the oil plant. This is used to upgrade the RT-4.


Hope this helps. Please add anything I missed in the comments and I will update it.

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