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capture the flag

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I can never finish the flag ritual, we've tried using lil arnies, the wunder weapon, etc. We can charge it occasionally but can't finish it 4 times. I've never noticed anything purple on the floor. Is there a strategy that makes it easier?  

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Hey Brantley_32, Here is a strategy that worked for my group.


Player Layout,

Player 1 - Ray Gun, Upgraded Swords, Arnies

Player 2 - Wonder Weapon, Upgraded Swords Arnies

Player 3 - PAP Weapon, Upgraded Swords Arnies

Player 4 - PAP Weapon, Upgraded swords, Arnies



Activate the Civil Protector.

1 Player is designated to use their sword for each flag, for each iteration,  bring out your sword and have it on auto cast (sorry forgot the name) Left trigger

1 player is Shadow man detail, his focus is to only shoot and aim for the Shadow man, This is usually the Ray Gun person.  The reason the Ray Gun is Shadow man is, the ray gun is the only weapon that can down you,  With the WW going off, the monkeys and all the madness its easy to get distracted by meatballs at your feet, shoot twice and you down yourself with the ray gun, NOT GOOD. So usually shooting out at further distances like the shadow many prevents you from inadvertently killing yourself. 

The other 2 players are spammers to kill anything else. While using the Wonder weapon of course,  


OK so setup, usually the flags have 3 general entry points for zombies, Monkeys get thrown out in to those directions first when the round starts, then the WW person shoots at those 3 entry points,  The random is using their PAP weapon to shoot meatballs and assist the Ray Gun player with the Shadow Man other than that spam, when the monkeys run out throw them again and the WW shoots at the 3 entry points,  You can be generous with your weapons as you get a Max ammo after the flag is completed but, be smart with the WW again there are generally 3 entry points, so shooting twice at each is 6 shots per flag step should not need more if the Shadow man is getting wrecked by the Ray Gun.

Once the flag is done, Agree on who will drop their sword next, rinse and repeat till all flags steps our done!







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