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EE Song: "Dead Again" Analyzed

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I've always been fascinated with the music genius of Kevin Sherwood, because his lyricism fits perfectly with the story and dialogue within the zombies universe so I decided to give my own analysis of this song.

A wolf is at my door
I feel it
I see it in my dreams
A world of my design
A forced enlightening
reveals it
I found a life that I malign
and I feel it

The narrator, whoever it may be, that is entirely up for discussion, feels an ominous presence everywhere. I personally believe this could be the stream of consciousness from a Samantha, whether the Moon Samantha or the Origins Samantha, I'm not entirely sure. But it seems that this ominous presence hounds the narrator literally like a wolf yet it is contained within their own reality.

I feel so strange
Like I’m everywhere
and that no one was there
We only want to live
Repeat serial suicide
you can’t find you
and hide

This narrator (controller) feels omnipotence. Omnipotence was never meant for a human being, our own mental capacity and physical capacity cannot handle the idea or the euphoria of being everywhere and controlling so much. Human beings only want all of the joy of their lives to be endless and you can go through life like it was a cycle unbroken, and just end it all but inevitably, the darkest feeling inside your own reality will find you. But the narrator feels the extremes of joy and anguish, committing a duality effect.

Am I dead
Is it all over
There is no pain here
You lead and I’ll follow
My tree of life is hollow
The tide has turned into

Mob Of The Dead, Shadows Of Evil, even us, as players, will be drug into a vortex of endless death. Zombies are dead, *S P O I L E R S* Mob Of The Dead's characters are in purgatory, *S P O I L E R S* Shadows Of Evil's characters are dead, and at a certain point of omnipotence, the inner part of a human being, if exposed to such a power, will lose all grip on humanity (My tree of life is hollow).
Beneath a waning light
I see it
A creeping shadow spire
will bleed into the sky
Carotid tightening 
conceals this
These moments freeze
and fall away
‘from duality’

The narrator witnesses such visual atrocities, such awful imagery and compares that their arteries are concealing the pure human essence they have. But it all begins to fade away because if you're simultaneously everything through omnipotence, you're simultaneously nothing at all, causing a duality effect where you lose all human capabilities.

I hear my name
In a voice like mine 
That I hear in my mind
The time has come
to leave for never
I peel the fabric back
and see me hide
I can’t hide from I
and hide from me

If you remember Samuel, the voices inside his head along with Richtofen knew his name without him knowing. In previous EE songs, there were references of an external force sparking and speaking within the narrator's existence. Again, duality. A dark, ominous force within us is exposed when under extreme amounts of stress. The narrator however literally discovers that they are hiding from themselves, but how can you hide from something that is simultaneously alive, everywhere, and yet so dead inside?
Am I dead
Is it all over
Where is my pain now
In my head
it draws me closer
Will it know my name
I feel it again
and again I feel it
I feel it when it’s closing
my eyes I feel it
I see it again 
and again in my mind
I see it
when I look at the sky
and I am
Alive again

Numerous references to Pareidolia in this verse. But at an analyst glance, the narrator questions so much about what is real, what is alive, what is dead, because they have been exposed to so much power for just "a fragment in a larger universe". Caught in a constant loop because they were exposed to so much. I do really believe that this song is from Samantha's perspective because a young girl, being exposed to such metaphysical concepts, whether imaginary or inside the MPD, traumatizes her heavily.
I’m alive
I feel the pain now
I’m really here
I’m alive now
I’m alive now
I’m alive I’m alive
Now I die

Like the Cycle in MOTD, like the literal restarting of a Zombies game once you die, you're alive as you perceive, then you see that Game Over screen as your player falls to the ground. Or you'll get revived once more by a teammate, only for them to die inevitably, along with yourself. Again, the duality effect. We can live forever, only to die forever.
Are we dead
Is it all over
Where is the pain now
You lead and we’ll 
Our tree of life is hollow
The tide has turned
into rain
Are we dead
Did we cross over
What is our name now
Are we dead now
Are we dead now
Are we dead again

"Where are we going?" The characters inside this universe are all losing their mortality through destruction of so much and of themselves. Richtofen may claim to be trying to repair every universe damaged by the exposure of 115, but that's such a daunting task for a human being. so, will everything be stuck in a cycle for eternity of death and pain? Or will there be a conclusion for the narrators, for the characters inside this deeply damaged universe of Zombies, and a conclusion for the community where we are satisfied with the ending and "cross" over into peace? Only time will tell by time the last DLC hits for BOIII. Thanks for reading.

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