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HELP killing shadow man

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I have got to the point of killing the shadow man in pap room several times now with 4 players and it always seems to fail , my only guess is we're doing it too slow ?? Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance!

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Ray Guns. Each player have a Ray Gun and focus on making all the Zombies a crawler. Once you be achieved this have two people keep them on the PaP side, while the other two stay on the Altar side. 

Here have one person focusing only on the Shadow Man, the other player standing at the Altar. This way as soon as his ass reaches it, he can be captured.

I would also suggest upgraded Arnies, in case you fail and get a bunch of Maggie's chasing after you. The Haymaker is another good choice for ripping her face off.

Lastly communication, you've got to coordinate with your team, the last thing you want is to be running across the wall and another teammate heading straight towards you. Being stuck with no guns and no perks, will not make this any easier.

Good luck

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