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SOE Characters and possible small/big EE's?

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So Nero has his book that we don't know what to do with, the boxer can activate those crazy boat noises out in waterfront.. I got the feeling there's probably more to the ruby rabbit and the burlesque if we poked around enough. I really think there could possibly be another story related EE, one that pertains to this map's characters sort of like MoTD that we just haven't discovered yet. It's like we're slowly finding these little things everywhere. I've read on here somewhere that Treyarch stated that we would be surprised at how connected everything is on the map, in my opinion that really says a lot about some of these things we are finding. Gotta be more to SoE.

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Are you 100% sure that only Floyd Campbell can hear the "Bells & Whistles" down by the Docks. I thought you only needed to get grenade kills out front, the Anvil Boxing Gym. 

True that the, "Grimoire" is located in Neros' Landing, however all 4 characters can interact with it. What are you suggesting we should do. I made a thread on this exact same book, a few days ago. Based upon a Theory I've been working on for a while now. 

If you want to go out on a limb. The Burlesque kind of does have its own little Easter Egg, while collecting the 3 items needed to upgrade Lil' Arnie. Once you've collected the Top Hat, Bowtie, & Cane, make your way to the Altar in the Burlesque. If you look at the Cthulhu looking skull in the Center of it, you can clearly see the Top Hat & Bowtie on the Skull.

Now I know that it's to showcase the Upgrading of Arnie, but we've got Easter Eggs in all the Ritual Sites except for the "Ruby Rabbit". What could we be missing here.

OMG T-Virus starting to take over again.....

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