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4 new gobble gums?

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So, in the Official inside Awakening DLC trailer, they announced that there would be four new MEGA gumballs for us to play with. Now, we don't know EXACTLY how these will work: Will they only be available for those who own DLC 1? Will we be able to use them in Shadows of evil or the Giant? We don't know. Will there be a special type of Liquid Divinium only obtainable on this map? No idea. 

All we know is that there's going to be 4 new mega gumballs for us to play with, here are my ideas, and feel free to submit your own. 



-Ultra Rare: Bonfire-break: Single use: Spawns a bonfire sale power up. 

-Ultra Rare: Double Bubble: Single use: Allows one to hold two gobble-gum effects instead of one until next respawn. (For example, you could get double dip, sword flay, and then Impatient, in that order. This would allow you both increased melee damage, and the ability to respawn before the round ends.) 

-Common: Reward Pointz: Lasts 3 rounds: Get 30% of the points you use back. 

-Rare: Baby Boom: Activates upon going down (Single use): If you go down, causes all the zombies on the map to become crawlers. 

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