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do not awaken the test subjects and the lose of sanity

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i just wanted to share my opinion on the BOII-BOIII turn from the zombies story and mad nazi scientist to a redirected story by the 'campaign' group. first we have all seen the influence of hp love craft all the way back to tranzit with the denizens of the forest to the margwa megoh and all these interesting new creatures. i have not played call of cthulu but i am vaguely familiar with the games concept, one of them being 'SAN' points or sanity points. in that game, you play the role of detective or criminal etc, uncovering parts of the story. as you become more aware of the story, you loose SAN points, and shit kinda gets crazier. i see this kind of happening in zombies. the characters all cant really remember whats going on, and there is all sort of nonsensical beast, teleportation, time travel, and none of it really makes sense... but it would in a dream like state. there is a quote on the giant where richtofen says something about how he cant recall if it is his or maxis subconscious that resulted in the chalk wall guns that cost points (or in BOII where he says he added a leader board etc so people can keep track of their progress); there is also all the objects from samantha's subconscious like the teddy bears, fluffy, toys, etc. i know its kind of out there, but i think maxis 'grand plan' and the 'dont awaken the test subjects' indicates that this is all happening in someone or some peoples dreams or subconscious. almost like the campaign story with nightmare and the DNI. anyways, i dont have anything really fleshed out, im not super knowledgeable about the story having started on BOII and worked backwards playing the old maps. it does seem like the original story has been retrofitted to move away from nazi zombies and into this new lovecraftian horror and interdimensional shit since roughly mob of the dead.

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