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Mortem-Prison - Death above everything

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Futuristic prison floating in middle of Pacific ocean, where only worst of the worst gets sent from their crimes. One criminal is infected and he is spreading the disease around, 
making everyone sick and soon everyones dead. Well, not everyone, 4 remain and they soon find themselves fending off reanimated corpses of other inmates and guards.
Can you survive? Or are you going to settle with your fate and become one of them?

Welcome to Mortem-Prison, where murders are part of everydays schedule, but massacre is rare, which is here now.

-Futuristic weapons, as maps set in future
-Brutus from Mob Of The Dead, but with more futuristic-look given to him. Part of face torn off and machinery shown inside. One hand is mechanical and his quotes are changed to robotic ones
-Easter Egg, that is 2-sided. 1-side involves finding fuel to helicopter and using that to escape. Other one is finding submarine, that you launch in Pacific ocean
-9 perks. Stock setup, BO1 perks and Tombstone Soda
 *All perks are locked behind electric fences. You need to first find panel belonging to the perk and turn off electricity running through the fence
-Small space for running around the map, similar to Verruckt

-Wonderweapon: Combination of Taser and revolver. Shoot zombie with it, shot creates electric wave, stunning zombies around it and then exploding their heads off

More Info on Setting:
-Map is mostly inside bits, but when you get outside to get to helicopter, you can see its noon, with no clouds to be seen. You can see few islands and boats below prison

Concept Art:


Easter Egg song:
Annihilator - No Way Out

Characters in map:
-Player #1: Cellmate, that got transported in this prison week before. Still new to his surroundings. Got sentenced for robbery, that he didnt do. Spawns with Atlas-45
-Player #2: Cellmate, who was there welcoming Player #1 to the place. Got sentenced for murder. Spawns with M1911
-Player #3: Guard, who was in noon shift before infection started spreading. Spawns with MP443-Grach
-Player #4: Journalist, who was making article about the prison, now he is stuck with other survivors here. Spawns with M9

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Your on your way with these, should add character descriptions and maybe a WW idea?

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Your on your way with these, should add character descriptions and maybe a WW idea?

Alright, could do. Writing down some stuff now

Edit: Updated

They are nice characters. Its good that they aren't all prisoners, the journalist is a cool edition too. I would've rathered something like this for MotD  than four generic prisoners. Different spawn weapons is interesting too.

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