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One particularly BIG story element which I think has been overlooked

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Or at least, isn't talked about as much as it should be (unless it is and I just missed it). 

The fact that all of the characters seem to be living in a perpetual time loop of some sort. 

It's made pretty clear in Mob Of The Dead that this is what is going on.

But it's hinted at in Die Rise, too ... which I think is the most glaringly obvious clue which is not often discussed, despite the ramifications it seems to have on the whole story. 

I can't remember exactly how it goes, but basically in the intro you see the characters (all or just some? Can't remember) ripped apart by zombies. Then,the game starts and they are alive again. One of the characters speaks a line which is something along the lines of "It feels like we've been here before."

So they all get killed and are then back to life again - they're stuck in a time loop just like MOTD's guys are. And that's how it works in ALL the Zombies maps (all video games in fact) - the heroes get ripped to pieces time and time again and then get to come back to life, unharmed, to have another crack at it, when the gamer restarts the game.

Tie this together with the fact that, in some dimension at least,it seems like the whole Zombies universe is a child's game (Origins ending) and I think this is interesting food for thought, and probably a big hint about what Treyarch is doing with the overall storyline.








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I like it and I don't. Whoever's in Aether can just bring them back, and it makes sense in terms of game overs and stuff. But than you get to the story stuff, couldn't Richtofen just reset it everytime they do Maxis side? Couldn't Samantha have just reset it so Gersch didn't escape in Ascension. I dunno, maybe it's an effect of the Rift possibly.

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