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Day 16 A Gamer Dreidel

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Christmas is nice but lets not forget Hanukkah So today I will sing A Gamer's Dreidel Song. You can Add Lyrics for your favorite Games!





I have a little Problem

The Town is full of Plague

and If we do not stop it

A Ghost town it will stay


 Dunwall Dunwall Dunwall

They Took the Queen Away

and if I do not Save her

Dishonored I will Stay


I spent the Day in Jail

For Killing Nords All day

The Guards are Really Angry

I tried to Run Away


Jail jail Jail

I tried to run Away

I didn't have the Gold

Now I'm stuck in jail all Day


I'm Killing me Some Zombies

While riding on a Bus

My teammates are complaining

They are making too much fuss


Zombies Zombies Zombies

I killed them on a Bus

Cause if I do not Ride it

The denizens will Bust



Now you Try it!









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