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Day 9 Call of Duty: Revolution [Concept]

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Call of Duty Revolution


Synopsis: It is the Year 2040 and the United States is in Peril. There is a New Civil War which has left the country in Shambles. On one Side you have the Rebels who want Change and Make the country a Place where everyone can have True Freedom. On the Other side you have the Police whom wish to Maintain Order and Bring Peace to the now Divided country. Now you must Pick a Side, Will you Join the Police, The Rebels, or Go Rogue with a Special Campaign? This is the New World Revolution.


Choices : As you Play the Game you are Given Choices which will eventually lead you to 3 different Endings. A Unity Ending…A New Change Ending, and a Speciall Ending. Missions will require you to Assassinate Key targets on the Opposition such as Politicians, Spokespersons, or Rebel Leaders depending on the side you have chosen. Missions also Change in accordance to  your Choices. Some Missions will also change if you Fail the Mission that Came Before.


Mission Example


Mission 0 Neutral


You are just a man Trying to Survive in these troubled times. Tonight is not your Lucky Night, You have Been captured by a Group of Rebels and you are being Held Hostage. The Police Raid the Building and Similar to The Beginning of Skyrim you are Given a Choice. Save the Life of a Police Officer who is being attacked by a Rebel, Save the Life of a Rebel who is Being beat up by a Police Officer, or Choose to Run away from this Chaotic Situation. Each choice will set you on a different path.


Mission 1 Rebel Faction


A very Wealthy and Influential Politician is on his way to Congress. You must stop him or his Actions could affect the Rebellion. Assassinate him or Take Him Hostage. As long as he does not Reach the Meeting. For Freedom...


Mission 1 Police Faction


A Reliable Source has revealed the Location of a Rebel Meeting. Go undercover and Gather as much Information on their Plans as you can. Don’t be spotted or you will have to fight your way out of there. For Peace and for Order….


Special Campaign: Unlocked after beating Both Sides and Viewing both the Police Ending and the Rebel Ending


The Special Campaign follows a Police who is Framed of Conspiring with the Rebels which Leads him on a Mission to Uncover the Truth. With both sides Aiming for you, you must go Rogue as you take part of the Main Story from a Different perspective.




Multiplayer has been Changed. You receive your usual game modes such as Capture the Flag as well as Team Deathmatch, However New Modes Have Been Added


Search and Rescue - Each side takes turns Playing as a Different Faction. The Rebels Have Civilian hostages and The Police have Rebel Hostages. In each Game you must go to the Other teams Base and Rescue the prisoners. You must then Escort them to the other side of the map. Hostages can only be Killed when an enemy is in the middle of escorting them to their base. They can take more damage that players and have a Life Bar.


Plant the Flag - Both sides take turns trying to Erect Their Flag on the Enemies Territory. First team to Erect their Flag Wins. Press and Hold X to Turn the Crank.


Civil War - Each Player has a Limited Number of Lives. When you Die a certain amount of  times you are dead for good. The last team remaining wins the Match.


Anarchy - Anarchy is a Brand new game mode the Likes of which has never been seen in Call of Duty. Players will not be allowed to carry guns but instead be forced to Use Melee weapons in an All out Deathmatch. In this Mode there are no 1 knife Kills. With every Kill you get your attacks get stronger and quicker. But when you are Killed you are reset to Basic Mode.


Multiplayer Maps Examples


Justice: A Medium sized Multiplayer Map that takes Place in a Recently Bombed Courtroom.


Chaos:A Large map in Corporate Building with Falling Elevators and crumbling walls


Disobedience: A Medium Sized map set inside a Massive Toystore in Time’s Square New York City.


Collapse: A Small map taking Place in a Familiar Suburban Neighborhood. A Fanfavorite Released a 3rd time.


Uprising: A Large Multiplayer map taking Place within the White House during a Rebel Attack.


Valor: A Medium Multiplayer Map taking Place on a series of boats surrounding a Fallen statue of Liberty


Control: Large Multiplayer Map taking Place in Pearl Harbor Hawaii during the Second Bombing





Weapons Remain the Same for Both Sides. However if you do not Choose a Camo for your Gun your weapon will be given a Camo depending on your Faction. Red is Rebel, Blue is police, and Yellow is Neutral.


Police use Batons as their Melee Weapon


Rebels use Wrenches as their Melee Weapon


Neutrals use Knives as their Melee Weapon




You can Customize a Set of Characters similar to Call of Duty Ghosts as well as Advanced Warfare.


Customize your Rebel with New gear. Masks, Armor, Goggles, Backpacks Etc


Customize your Police with Riot Gear, bomb Squad Uniforms, Classic 1950’s police Etc


Customize Your Neutral Soldier with Standard Military Uniforms and Armor


Revolution Co-Op Mode…



Evolution: Evolution is a Brand new CO-OP Experience which brings you up against an Alien species of Parasite that Evolves unpredictably depending on the Genetic structure of the Host. Dormant in the Arctic the Parasite is sent to a Science Lab in washington DC where it escapes and Spreads all over America.


Evolution will get it’s own post Later on so Expect that! :)


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