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GTA V Crew Update DLC Idea

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Yes, I know that there is a thread for GTA V discussion and news, but I felt this deserved it's own thread for people to give their opinions on my idea, plus it would probably create a mix-up in that discussion anyways.

--Online Weed And Meth Businesses: This is the best part (in my opinion) of this DLC package. Anyways, here's how it goes: Weed/Meth businesses require a crew of at least 2 to purchase. Each player in the crew is assigned a role in the business. 

Roles (Weed)

  • Farmer: To start this business, your crew will need to purchase either a farm, or at level 50 Weed Crew ranking, a compound. If you want to have a small business, you can also run it with just a closet in an apartment, but drug busts are much more frequent this way. Anyways, using a plot of land in the mountains, you buy fertilizer, plant new crops, customize your farm, hire farm security, protect the farm from gangs/other crews/police, and can even unlock specialized strains of weed as you level up in this class. 
  • Distributor: You are responsible for delivering the weed to customers around San Andreas. Sometimes, you'll sell to a whole business. Sometimes, it'll only be a bag that leaves your hands. Either way, you're making money. You can purchase an optional envoy each time for protection, and it is recommended to bring weapons with you regardless, as you could always walk into a gang attack when you thought you were making sales. You also have to watch for undercover cops, enemy crews trying to steal your product, and people who try not to pay for the weed. Since you are a distributor, you unlock a 2-vehicle garage at the farm, upon which you can store vehicles used for distributing the marijuanna. On special missions, you may also use a helicopter. You unlock special security options for your vehicles in this class.
  • Muscle-Man: It's exactly as it sounds: You kill people. You go after enemy crews, try to steal their product. You also try to steal your's back when a crew steals it. You may be found protecting the farm, or riding with the distributors. You may also fight off cops in a bust. You unlock exclusive weapon camos in this class, as well as raising a respect level as you protect your crew. You fuck up, it goes down. The higher it is, the more likely your crew won't have to deal with undercover cops, gang attacks, all that stuff. Now it can still happen, but it will definitely be less frequently.

As your crew ranks up, you unlock weed emblems, junkie outfits, more customers, corrupt cop contacts (They influence the police to not snoop in a certain area, or to stop going after you), NPC security contacts, and much more. Also, a player can play more than one role, but it is extremely hard to manage 2 roles, and multiple players can also play 1 role. 

Roles (Meth)

  • Chemist: To start the business, you'll need to purchase either an RV, a broke-down home, or, once you reach Level 50 Meth Crew ranking, a super-lab. Anyways, this player(s) will go to their meth-lab, and cook. The way this function works is a combination of buttons, and the faster the speed, and less the mistakes, the higher purity. Higher purity warrants higher prices, as does special strains of weed. This player can customize the RV/broke-down home/super-lab. They can also hire security at their lab, and with an RV, purchase a NPC driver from the taxi company. 

I feel that this new feature would definitely increase the function of the crew feature, as well as add new unlockables, and jobs that affect gameplay more than just cash. Plus, you get extra garage space, perks, and of course money. Oh, and you can always test your product out, or buy from other crews/gangs.


--Online Car Show feature: Now, upon visiting LSCarShows.com on the in-game phone's internet function, one can rate fellow player's vehicles, as done with the RateMyRide feature in Midnight Club: LA! You can sell your car (minimum price is slightly higher than original car price automatically to avoid cheating, but the maximum can be whatever), trade your vehicle, rate fellow player's rides, and buy other player's emblems for use on your vehicle! You can also add decals to vehicles now, as done on Midnight Club, to add an extra level of creativity to every design!

--Movable Waypoints: Hate setting a waypoint just for your target to move? Well now, you just follow the waypoint, and no matter where the target goes, you'll be on their lead.

--New low-rider type vehicles, with weed-leaf rims, LED custom options, and more.

--Junkie/ghetto clothing options, including saggy pants, snapbacks, drug paraphenilia based clothing such as graphic weed tees, Breaking Bad-inspired clothing, and more.

--Flamethrower weapon

--Ability to purchase different designs of bongs, as well as silver and gold rolling papers, or to roll up a joint with money.

I will expand onto this idea later, but this is it for now for the Crew Update DLC.

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