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The fuseboxes

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You've probably heard about the fuseboxes - there are several fuseboxes around the map that when hit by a knife, bullet, or explosion will pop open. They are connected by wires to various devices such as the teleporter, fire pit, and Quick Revive machine. There were several myths about what activating all of them did, and most were debunked. I, however, have found that they do something and it's actually pretty interesting. Here are the locations:
On the wall to the right of Quick Revive.
Past the zombie barricade on the right wall of the dressing room, on the right wall.
Past the zombie barricade on the right wall of the dressing room on the far wall.
On the floor by the fire pit.
This one is visibly different, it is grey and shaped differently. It is on a wooden pole to the left of the gate in the alley that leads to the unnamed room (the one with the meteorite and electric trap).
In the theatre next to the zombie barricade that is right of the teleporter when looking towards Juggernog (can be seen from balcony in Mule Kick room).
Directly across the aisle from #6, by another zombie barricade.
When all of the boxes are activated, the teleporter will take approximately 30 less seconds to recharge after use.
I timed it, without them activated it takes about 2:00 and with them activated it takes about 1:30.


I have not tested this. If it is true though, it is pretty cool things are still being found. 

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