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All Possible Next Steps: Anything You have Found

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Hi, ive put some interesting quotes from JimmyZ here.

They are all of his twitter account, except the last one, that one was from an intervieuw:

It may be points, or whatever you call them. Wait appropriate amount of time, then continue to work

Overlooked and never found, but one does simply run around.

Everyone looks for the missing piece, and they think they have it, between their teeth

Crashed and derailed, it is the players who have failed.

You have seen the key, but it is too large, you see.

In plain sight, but out of mind, without me, you would be blind.

I thought you would be clued, because you're picture of beams may be skewed.

The hands of time do never stop, then again, the hands should swap.

Sometimes the largest objects hold the most significance, the end result, may be magnificent

The next step is not too far, looking in the wrong way is what you are

If you go there now something will be up and running...... but stay to the path, dont go hunting

A train car is a train car....unless derailed, that is.....then its

If you have veen there, but dont go back, then how do you know?
If it can open but you dont open it, how will you know. Follow the signs to.

Some say "Tell us" and many tell me to keep my mounth shut. I will say this: I always think what i want until i get it.

Eyes of dedication, skil, are separate.
No vision doesnt mean less ability

Some things needs to go down, before others go up.

Sometimes it can be two sides of thesame coin. But when flipping the coin, you never know what lands first.

Distractions are inhibited though the general key of succes. Past succes there is logic hiding in plain sight.

What we can say is that there are items in the world – various parts of the world – that can be combined and used to help you achieve tasks, open new areas, and so on. Some can be carried by characters, while others – well, you’re just going to have to wait to find out.

As you can see, there are more than one quote which refer to the derailed train, so I think it is something with that. Or the bridge perhaps (some things need to go down...)

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