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Interesting Finds in Campaign Mission Victor Charlie

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[center:1v6rob37]Hi guys, I was recently replaying the Black Ops campaign to beat the game on Veteran once again, and I found some interesting things throughout the mission. There were various things that hinted towards the future of the storyline, the continuation to Black Ops 2, and some other easter eggs I thought were interesting.

One of the first you will notice is Reznov comes into the scene just as Mason is about to drown, which means that he has some interaction with the gameplay. This means that either Masons' hallucinations were sincere enough to affect interaction in the actual mission, or Reznov's appearance has some importance.

The next thing I noticed was the fact that Reznov points out something about Woods;

Sgt. Woods is very capable. You have chosen your men wisely Mason.

This quote was very interesting in the sense that later on in the story when Woods "dies" his shadow appears just before Reznov appears to help Mason up.

The next interesting thing that I found was that on the SOG Knife that you use in the mission, there are the round tally marks from Zombies, a total of around 10 or 11.


Nothing happens for quite a while at this time, but Reznov appears once again at the time just before Swift dies in the tunnel. This just correlates to the story, but I found it interesting that lots of these hints are found in this mission. Next, Reznov helps you move the crates, which means he has game interaction, which can mean two things;

-Reznov was not a hallucination, but an actual character that helped Mason throughout the levels, or two;

-Another character was hallucinated as Reznov (Woods perhaps?)

Next we see Reznov take down an enemy. His fighting style is very similar to that of Woods. Just something I thought was interesting.

Some other interesting quotes;

"Follow your instincts Mason" -Reznov, can be referring to his hallucinations

"VC, Mason!" - Reznov, I have never heard Reznov refer to the Viet Cong as VC before

At the end of the mission, Reznov does not jump onto the Helicopter with you and Woods.

This is just one of the missions I found was overlooked but I found very interesting; if you have any feedback at all that'd be great. Thanks :)[/center:1v6rob37]

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